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Cheltenham to Add a Fouth Day

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    Racing Daily
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    It sounds like an excuse to water down what we have and rake in more on admission fees.  Cheltenham management would be doubtful to decrease admission prices for the day/s that lose a championship race as a result of this.  It stinks of profiteering to me, why make a buck when you can make two?

    The current format is perfect.  I personally would replace the handicap hurdle on Gold Cup day with the cross country race and leave the rest as it is.  Some foreign competition might make the mouth water a little more than the 28 runner lottery that we have at the moment at 4.50 on Cup day.  I normally aim to win before the h’cap h’dle and beat the rush at about 4.30 when I go to the festival.

    The bumper does serve a purpose and should stay.  But it is the last on the card traditionally, and should stay there.

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    Personally I’m not really bothered (it was coming anyway), however I do think that there is merit in these races.

    I discussed this with a friend before today and the two races I suggested would be added were the 4 year old bumper and the cross-country chase.

    Although four year olds are eligible for the bumper, I do think creating a championship race for juveniles at least give trainers the options of keeping their charges on the level for a season before embarking on a hurdles campaign. This of course would be specifically aimed at 3 year olds who hadn’t previously raced on the flat, who are acknowledged to be at a disadvantage. For the sport as a whole that has to be a good thing. The recent three-year-old bumpers demonstrated that there is a large core of horses that effectively aren’t being allowed to race until they were four

    The Sporting Index Chase (or a version of it) was always going to be added to the Festival, and I still can’t work out why it is the “Bovrilâ€ÂÂ

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    When this was first mooted, Edward Gillespie stated that the first priority was to conduct a survey of racegoers for their views.  Well I’m a member at Cheltenham and I sure as hell wasn’t consulted (nor do I know of anyone who was).  My guess is that if such a survey had been undertaken the response would be along the same lines as most of the posts here.

    Perhaps the BHB will step in and refuse to authorise the new races (on the basis that they threaten similar races at other courses, thuis no doubt making the NH season even more unhealthily focussed on the Festival than is currently the case) but I’m not going to hold my breath….

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    Indeed who have they consulted ???

    Certainly not my party Cheltenham devotees not missing a race at the festival in 16 years and pre-booking 10-20 tickets a year for that period.

    Personally i find the idea min numbing. Why alter the best experience racing has to offer ? Money,money money,money both for the course and local hotels etc of course why not add another overpriced night to the calender ?

    As for the suggested new races, excuse me while I stifle a yawn. As suggested the only possible gap in the schedule is for a 2.5 mile championship race but of course the danger here is that the already often lightly subscribed Queen Mother would suffer.

    At least one of the four days is going to be left without a highlight. I guess it will be the Thursday when the stayers will be the feature race.

    Why not add a fifth day featuring a seller and novice handicap chase after all you can still sell a few pints of guiness.

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    Well I love Bovril and cross country races – just not sure about a 4th day, I have to take 3 days off work at a really busy time of year as it is

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    luddites all!! 🙂

    think how many days of crap racing there think how many days of really good racing there you really not want more of the latter?!?

    ok it may be partly for the wrong reasons but RACING IS CHELTENHAM..i’d be happy with 5 days…make sure EVERY horse over 120 is running in some race or other at cheltenham..that’d do me fine

    Grey Desire
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    How’s about a handicap chase for 14 year olds rated 0-90!:biggrin:

    Mr Force
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    To tell the truth it the card reminds me of the heath day after Royal Ascot, a good Saturday card but not quite the same quality.

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    Grey Desire has a point, albeit accidentally; I’d love to see a veterans race at the festival. Go Ballistic might finally get his Cheltenham win!!

    Burlington Bertie
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    Conall: You’re right – I have indeed noticed the decline in the Queens over the years. That year you refer to, 1995, was particularly overcrowded and rowdy.

    I now stay with a little widow woman I know in Bishops Cleeve which, believe me, is much much better. But I still go to the Queens for a meal and a drink. Never noticed the bar running dry though – was probably asleep!

    Toodle pip!<br>

    Racing Daily
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    I stay up near Broadway when i’m there.  Luvly place :)<br>It’s a halfway house if I decide to pop into Stratford Upon Avon.

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    I see today’s RP has a ‘pick 4 from 6’ list of possible additional races to extend the festival. I read it and couldn’t beleive it a novice h’cap chase, a juvenile novice hurdle, stealing someone elses race and to cap it all a mares only bumper !!!!!. I did check again to make sure ths wasn’t a race programme for a mid week event at Market Rasen but appearantly not. They really are serious suggestions for additional races at the festival.

    I despair.

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    How about a four mile chase for novices, and letting the NH Chase revert to its old conditions?

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