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    In terms of betting Cheltenham to me is like any other meeting every race is taken on its merits. If there isn’t the right opportunity I may not bet at all.

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    The amount I bet in each race will not increase for Cheltenham, but given the quality of races I’ll be having a lot more bets during the week than I would normally.

    It’s just the issue of time that drives me round the bend. I’d prefer 48 hour decs, but that’s another discussion.

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    While for me its the undoubted racing highlight of the year, betting wise its just another day.

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    I must be the only one who saves up big time for the Festival then…

    Have had a few decent festivals of late – though I did need Inglis Drever to get me out of a hole last year

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    I’m not as sensible as some of the other gamblers that have posted as the festival is the one time I go crazy by my own betting standards. I allocate a set amount of money per day and then spread it out over the card. I will most likely back something in every race. It’s a once a year thing though so I set money aside for it in advance. My mates do the same as we always have the festival week booked off work to hit the pub and watch the racing. 8)

    – Kalidor –

    % MAN
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    I must be the only one who saves up big time for the Festival then…

    You aren’t the only one aaftershock – Cheltenham is usually where I have most of my major punts of the year, having said that this years renewal looks to be a lot more difficult than the previous two years.

    I generally have around half a dozen "serious" punts a year and for the past couple of years nearly all of them have been centred around the festival. I had seven at the 2006 festival and four last year.

    At the moment I only envisage having two, possibly three, serious plays this year.

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    While for me its the undoubted racing highlight of the year, betting wise its just another day.

    Agreed. Great racing, lightish betting and overall loss sums up the Festival for me over the years, though I had episodes of berserk wallet-haemorrhaging once-upon-a-time.

    The away meetings tend to provide the majority of bets over the week: the four-miler at Hexham has long been a ‘lucky’ race, and the splendid Monday ‘warm-up’ at Plumpton, Stratford and Taunton is attacked with relish too.

    Nevertheless roll on those four days in the racing firmament.

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    I try and have as many races covered ante-post as possible, to reduce the tank I need for the week. Most years this is a lesson in abject failure and feduciary despair, though (touch wood) this year is looking more promising than most.

    Unless my nags are beset by a series of calamities, I shouldn’t need to have any more bets in the Arkle, the Champion Hurdle, the Ballymore, the Bumper, The Stayers, the Mares race and the Gold Cup (which has doubtless already put the hex on half of them).

    I am currently staring down the barrel of an ante-post gun in the Supreme Novices, the Champion Chase and the Sun Alliance Chase, and will have no option but to lay out more fazools on the day.

    I would usually bet around double (sometimes more) my usual stake-per-race during the Festival, as well as having Placepots and a daily Yankee on.

    Choosing not to have a bet on a Festival race is anathema to me, and I will be having a dash in them all. It’s good for what ails you. 8)

    Blue Brazil
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    The Cheltenham Festival has always been a special meeting for me and I always try to have at least a £1k bank to start off with. It’s like Xmas for me. The last time I worked the Festival was 1985 and that was only because I had to go back to work after a year on strike. Anyway, since then I’ve been off for every one, either on holiday or having someone cover my job as a favour, which of course I have to pay back! That’s how much I love the Festival. I even had the pleasure of going to Cheltenham in 2000 for the meeting and seeing Istabraq win his third CH, which was brilliant. It’s also when I first discovered Wetherspoons and cheap drink, but that’s another story!

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    I can only second Grasshopper’s post above. Antepost covers a good few races and I’ll have a punt in every race. I’m going on the Thursday and Friday though so I’ll need a few extra Euro for that!

    Maxilon 5
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    I have only twice made a profit at Chelters, (91 and 99) and generally end up skint till the Lincoln. As fantastic as it is and it is one of the best: lets face it, Cheltenham is a fiendish meeting spawned somewhere deep in the fires of Hell.

    In the same way that disasters are always attended by trauma counsellors in their aftermath, Gillespie ought to follow trends and offer a big marquee full of them, somewhere up on Cleeve Hill.

    A few years back, I was temporarily employed by Her Majesty’s Jobcentre. On the Monday of Cheltenham week, I was paid the princely sum of £120 by a kind fellow wearing a crimson tank top, and on the Friday, thanks to Hors Le Loi III, Sir Talbot, Niki Dee and one of Easterby’s whose name escapes me, I finished that week with a whopping £250. For the mathematically inclined, that’s nearly a 100% ROI, or something.

    In honour of that year – and because I have only watched about eight jump races all year – I will be betting exactly £120 over the week to see if I can repeat those glory days.

    Best of luck to everyone though. :D

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    Cash flow is definitely an issue in Cheltenham week for me- I always make sure to top up the betting account well in advance- the last thing you need is to have your card declined that week!
    It’s a bit scary how much money I’ll have in circulation during the 4 days- I’ll have a scatter of NRNB bets, at least 50% of who won’t run but they all need to be funded. I’ll end up punting at least one horse in almost every race, 3 or 4 in some, between ante-post, NRNB and on the day bets. The Tote was great up till about 4 years ago but is not often superior to Betfair nowadays, too many arbers around. the added bonus of a jackpot carryover can put an additional strain on rsources.

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    I will be attending the Festival on the Tues, Weds & Fri this year and have done this since it’s been a 4 day festival.

    Have a standing order of £100 per month from the joint account into the ‘Cheltenham Account’ to cover the bets, travel and beer.

    Usually have a good Cheltenham which funds the 3 day Aintree festival but not going to get away with a trip to Aintree as well this year with a 4 month old baby!!

    Still, roll on Tuesday, March 11 2008……….

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    My bank is already on at Cheltenham and have one definate loser already in Money Trix as he doesn’t run. Another unlikely winner is Kalahari King who got badly cut in his race last week.

    What I might do is crossed over accumalators for small money like 3x2x4x2x1x3 each day just for fun

    I am well chuffed with what I have left… Kauto Star who I got 7/2 about a long time ago……Turpin Green ew 66/1 Sizing Europe and Katchit both ew at 12/1 Binocular 10/1 Noland ew 16/1/Tidal Wave ew 12/1 and Sweet Kiln 7/2 .I am adding Afsoun ew 25/1 to my list.

    I now need to build up a bank as up until Saturday everything I won had gone on Chetenham AP betting. Luckily a short price double at the weeken and one of Jonjo’s on Monday has given me a start.

    Well it had until I stuck the lot on Wichita Lineman at 6/1 this morning :lol:

    No more Cheltenham bet’s for me thank you, unless I can tap Frank Berry’s phone :lol:

    There could be more to the rumour about Franchoek than meets the eye. Nothing definate but if Binoclular comes through his trial with flying colors JP will be very tempted……..who wouldn’t be?. Of course by the time he ordered the switch his cash would be on and by the time Frank Berry told a few it would be backed again and by the time we knew he would be shorter for the SNH than he is for the Triumph….

    As it stands there’s a great race in prospect so I hope they don’t switch him as it could be quite a sight to see two JP horses run . Two completely different types of horses from two different yards both out to grab the same prize. Just hope they are both good enough to be involved in the finish.

    Good luck with the banks guys mines is friggin empty :cry:

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    Welcome to The Racing Forum, WW73. 8)

    One question for you, which Valley?

    Grass, "FEDUCIARY", is that a word you use a lot in Scotland? :shock:


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