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Champion jockey suspended for 6 months

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    Six times Champion jockey in Norway, Espen Ski (what else could he be named) was suspended for halv a year after the incident on 23.November. An incident who took horse racing to the front pages in Norway.
    Into the last bend Ski pushed apprentice Madeleine Haugland almost out of the sadle. A cicus act from the apprentice champion kept her on the horse. Ski claimed that she came too close and instead of pulling up he gave her a push to get rid of the attention.
    Not only did Haugland survive the push, her horse, Rappongi ran the race of his life to win by 5 lengds
    There is no racing in Norway until April, but Ski misses 47 racing days in Scandinavia before he is back at May 24th.
    Video: … /19489942/

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    should be Banned forever IMO… its amazing how lightly someone can get off, say she fell off, she would of landed pretty much headfirst, with about 4 horses behind her and the ones shes on still running, one kick to the head and your brown bread, disraceful behavior.

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    Brilliant that she stayed on and beat him :D

    Dunno about a ban, he deserves to be shot! :shock:

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    Too late to open an award for International Villain of the Year, alas, as this would have had my vote. The footage doesn’t really suggest to me that Miss Haugland had chopped Ski in half, and it’s not down to him to act as judge and jury (to say nothing of potential executioner in this case!). A vile act.


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