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    “We will monitor the situation over the weekend and will regularly update everybody with any news. Both my vets and I are more than hopeful this will not interfere with her Champion Hurdle preparation.

    “She’s now on medication which will not affect her racing or training. We will blood test and scope her again on Monday when I will be in a better position to clarify the situation, which obviously we all hope will be positive news.

    “I would like to make it very clear that, touch wood, she is the only horse who has coughed at Seven Barrows at any stage this week.”

    Henderson on epatante

    Ex RubyLightEx RubyLight
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    Thanks for the update FF. Of course, we believe Nicky 100% that no other horse at Seven Barrows has even dared to cough AT ANY STAGE this week.

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    Not sure why benie has been shortened to fav because of thid, i highly doubt they were not running here to avoid epetante lol her possible demise surely wouldnt be the catalyst to switch BDD here…

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    Surely due to the weather forecast more than anything else. With rain scheduled every day up until the festival, the Champion Hurdle could turn into a slog and this would bring Benie right into the equation.

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    Two dry days forecasted before the start and light rain up until then nothing heavy is due, virtually 0 chance of a slog, as with every year, unless 24 hours before and the day of it lashes down, it will drain and be no worse than soft, last year it lashed down from the night before right up until the supreme and it was “soft”

    If this long range forecast is correct and the sunday/monday is dry, theres no chznce whatsoever of a slog

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    The rain makes honeysuckle more likely to run youd think, as would the possible sickness of epatante

    No chance benie runs

    Willie has his eye on punchestown and autieul again with her youd assume and isnt gonna bottom her in the champion hurdle over the wrong trip

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    Have settled on cornerstone lad @ 40-50s he would have been ahead of pentland hills LTO off levels, dont rate the form highly atall, dont rate pentland hills but ill take a swing on a horse thats definitely being overlooked will also throw a few quid on silver streak @30s+ Loves cheltenham.

    people seem negative on cilaos, but hes got a better chance than than the front two by a mile IMO

    This will mostly be a laying race for me though, will be kneck deep against pentland and and epatante, not saying neither can win this, but its incredible how short both are, if you use silver streak as a formline you have cornerstone lad 10x the price of the fav for beating the same horse

    He Didnt Like Ground
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    With give in the ground I would give cornerstone lad a e.w chance , to be honest this year race is more difficult than some of the handicaps , I played sharjah and fusil ruffles at bigger prices earlier in the season , fusil could be involved just need to forget awful run last time

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    I am struggling to fancy any of the first five or six in betting think we are in another big price surprise

    got three e/w supasundae/ coeur sublime / not so sleepy

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    This looks open and Epanante and Pentland Hills look too short to me on overall balance of form.

    Given his effort last time it’s significant that CILAOS EMERY goes for this one and he’s my main selection. Rest look much of a muchness and consistent CALL ME LORD should be in contention and worth an each-way dig at 16/1.

    peter .hpeter .h
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    Not a race to go big in this year. Supasundae is my idea of the likely winner and Ballyandy is clearly as good as ever despite his advancing years. Them two will do me in a painfully open renewal. It’s being labelled as the “worst Champion Hurdle in history” but I’d much sooner call it the most intriguing!

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    I backed Cornerstone Lad a few months ago at 50/1 for this. He is still a big price. I really dont see why is much bigger then most of the others. I think the form overall is really poor. So I will give Cilaos Emery a shot. I like his chase form and his one hurdle was good too.

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    Supasundae is my banker of the day, I think that he will go very close.

    I also think that Darasso is a very interesting runner + I have went with him at 50-1 ew 4pls. He was very poor at Haydock but they are still running so I just wonder if there was an excuse for that run.

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    Had to chuckle at the succinct assessment of the quality of this field on another forum- the poster simply wrote “I hope they all get beat”.
    Still, hopefully it’ll make for an exciting race. I am a bit surprised that Melon wasn’t brought back over hurdles for this (unless they tried him and he wouldn’t get back down low over them like he used to) so that has made me add Cilaos Emery to my Coeur Sublime and Petit Mouchoir bets.

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    I think Petit Mouchoir is too big to ignore @ around 31/1, Green’. Lifetime best right up there with these and ran his best race since then last time out. Is now a 9 year old (old for a hurdler) but a chance can come back to his best with trainer in magnificent form. Fancy him even more if Not So Sleepy didn’t run, but that’s the only other out and out pace horse and latter is not the easiest to ride – odds worth taking a chance they don’t take each other on.

    Darasso is another at a big price 54/1. 9.5 lengths 2nd to Cilos Emery last time; but was giving 7 lbs that day. Could improve a bit more in a strongly run race.

    Pentland Hills far too big @ 11/1. Last year’s Triumph winner settles better in big fields. Finished with Ballyandy last time but in truth is significantly better than that suggests. After pulling too hard not surprising emptied in the finish. Breathing op since too. Hopefully the drift is more to do with being the trainer’s second string rather than fitness.

    Also done Epertante, although is more speed and they’ve now changed it to heavy in places. But if anything wins by 5 lengths think it’ll be this one. Favourite Looks a champion if they don’t outstay her – although that is a distinct possibility imo 3/1 underestimated its chance. 5/2 now too short.

    value is everything
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