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    Cormack and myself have agreed to a competition between our two forums during the Glorious Goodwood meeting.
    The thing is, although I’ve posted my latest private message to Cormack twice, it’s not showing up in my sent box, and because I’ve not had a reply I’m beginning to wonder if my message has been received.

    Corm, these are the rules.

    You’ll need 12 players, plus some reserves.

    You must name your team (and reserves) before the start of racing each day, and your number one player will play our number one player, two plays two etc etc.

    Each player has £1000 to bet with each day at Goodwood only, and they can select a maximum of 4 horses,only one of which can be an each way selection.
    If you return more than your opponent you score 1 point for your team, drawn matches score half a point for each player, and a 2 point bonus is given each day to the team with the highest total return.

    Non runners will count as losers, so encourage people to post reserve selections, and the team with the most points at the end of the week wins.

    Now can you get a team in time? :D

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    Sorry Ted – I’m on holiday so only managing to pick up emails and check the forum sporadically.

    I’m sure we can rustle up a team. I’ll make up the numbers.

    First 11 volunteers to post plus three reserve players are in guys.

    Ted – can I suggest we have the reserves make selections and the three of them are 1,2 and 3. Then if any of the ‘main’ team don’t how the reserve score counts. So, if my number two player doesn’t show then the score from my first reserve counts and so on.

    That make sense?

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    Ok David! Where’s the meat?

    The boys will be along shortly. Nicky Henderson is picking up HRH and Sir Michael is having breakfast with the Duke. Aiden is on his mobile, Frankie is making pizza, Keiren is looking for his saddle, Piggot is jogging here and might be late, Richard Fahey is counting his winners and Richard Hannon his losers.and he will be very late….Carv says he’ll come if you pay for his flight from Ireland so we only need another 3 :lol:

    Count me in mate.

    Now who have they got in their team?

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    Sounds an interesting competition.

    I’d like to volunteer my services.

    One question: Can the four selections include more than one horse per race, I believe it is called "dutching"?

    Value Is Everything
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    Reserves automatically go into the team if any of your players fail to post, with your first reserve coming in for your first missing player, and your second reserve coming in for your second missing player etc etc.

    All selections must be posted before the start of the first race at Goodwood.

    Dutching is allowed, yes.

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    Count me in! :D

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    You’re going to struggle with only 4 players. :D :D

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    kieran and i will play

    Neil Watson
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    Put me down for a go, I will be the tail ender or night watchman.

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    Hopefully you can get a team together, and if you do, this is who you will be up against. This will be our team for Tuesday.

    1. The Cardiffian
    2. Steve H
    3. Crazyjoe
    4. Simon
    5. Handicapper
    6. Keith Reed
    7. Jinny J
    8. Krizon
    9. Flame
    10. Merlin
    11. PDJ
    12. Latefortheraces

    Reserves in order
    Ray H

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    About time some muscle was added to the team. :lol:

    Sure, I’ll give it a go. Not a huge fan of the format (I’d be more confident if it was one selection per race and points scored according to SP), but seeing you’re coming up short, Corm, I’ll put my name down.

    I’m sure the guys at TheFinalFurlong have got little else to do but study the form book all night long. Sadly, I’ll only have enough time to ‘breeze’ through the card, so if you get a full quota put me down as a reserve.

    Otherwise, I’m versatile and won’t back down from a challenge. Opening batsman, night watchman – I can play anywhere. :D

    Best of luck, guys.

    mick slade
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    I’ll be in if needed

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    I’ll have a go.

    mick slade
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    just spoke to LondonHarry he said he’ll play
    also where do we post our selections

    The Ledge
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    Il ave a go if its not too late !

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    you can put me down as a spare

    Neil Watson
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    Actually i want to pull out, Sadly have work which will limit me im afraid.

    Come on TRF, give these whoever they are a damn good pasting.

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