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Celestial Wave withdrawal

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    <br>Massive drift on BF last night after rumours on the forum, then settled on 10.5 for the night.

    Racing UK say in their Cheltenham preview that they spoke to Adrian Maguire this morning and it was all systems go for Cheltenham.

    Then announced this afternoon that she is a NR as she was cast in her box this morning!

    Should be investigated this…<br>

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    Imagine she was lame the night before and gave her the night to see if she improved….obviously didnt. Sounds like it could be something like stone bruise or a little knock as she is not confirmed to be out for the season. If thats the case they probably gave her as much time as possible before announcing it. Gutted for the trainer.

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    she has pulled the muscles accross her back quite badly…she is lucky thats all she got away with….

    she got cast in her box, which is when a horse rolls and rolls over onto the wall and they are stuck…most cases need humands to tie ropes on legs and sit on the head to pull the horse away the wall, this cases less injury..but if this happens in the night, when no one is about, then they tend to thrash about and kick ten tons out of the walls, and more than likely do spinal and leg injurys or just lie there and dehydrate and this is not good….also this stresses them badly…

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    The layers of CW that night should be investigated IMO. Irrespective of whether or not Maguire gave her the night to see if she improved, that’s not the story that came out the next day. He said that he came into the stable that morning and she was lame so she is out. If he knew the night previously then he should have informed somebody rather than let some people hoover up all the money going on the exchanges.

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    If Maguire knew the night before I am sure his first concern was the welfare of Celestial Wave . Is he supposed to drop everything and say "Oh Dear I must remember the Betfair ante-post muppets and inform the press association immediately"

    If you play the ante post markets you must accept the risks that go with it.

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    All the hallmarks of skullduggery and from the evidence so far looks stable inspired.

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    Of course his first concern is the horse. I’m not suggesting otherwise.

    But you think it’s OK for "connections" to lay the horse for 12 hours before the general public is made aware of the injury.

    There are acceptable risks involved in ante-post markets and then there are unacceptable ones.

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