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    lollys mate
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    Sammy dog has been gone now for, 3 years on the 20th Sept. I miss him still.<br> Sooty, the cat from next door, who p1ssed on my tools in my garage and who screamed at night whilst having a turd or fight outside my place has been dead for 6 weeks, and nobody misses it.<br> With dogs, you get (the spelling is going to be bad Ian, and I oppolagizwe, appolijise) affection, companionship, love and the best welcome you could get from anything or anybody.

    Cats = fleas, fur balls, dead mice brought into your house, smelly urine in "my" garage, fish from my pond "clawed" out to be murdered and nothing else.

    <br> I dont like cats!

    <br> What are they good for?

    Answers on a postcard please to

    Non Vintage, (Mrs)<br> 1a Cuckoo House,<br> Dreamland,<br> Happy Town,<br> Doesntexistville..

    Next to Harrow.

    Postcode HA,HA,HA,<br>  

    non vintage
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    i like cats. i wouldn’t do this though…

    girls who like dogs are a bit odd, in my (no doubt twisted) opinion, and those who like cats are more likely to be saucy. see, there is reason within my madness…

    dave jay
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    Only people who are really insecure in themselves have dogs. If they don’t have a dog or a hamster they are probably the most stupid thing in the house ..

    ViVa La Cat ..

    Lovely Lady
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    Lollys Mate

    On this issue, I agree with you sweetheart.<br>

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    I’m fond of a little pussy round the house, though an old dog can be fun to.

    dave jay
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    Welcome back Dungheap ..

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    yes, wb Dung.

    Dogs are just too free with their affections. One purring cat cuddlign up under your arm is worth twenty dogs lolloping about your nether regions with their tongues salivating.

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    Oh – and I agree with NV about ‘cat-birds’ and the sauciness quotient. However, i do wonder, somewhat worriedly, how he finds these links.

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    Agreed LM – vermin.

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    I love cats and dogs. Each animal has its own place. When I am able to spend more time at home I will have another dog.

    Purple Patch
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    For all you cat haters out there, I hear that a little anti-freeze in a bowl of milk at the back door works wonders!

    PS Howdya attach a pic to a reply?

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    I love cats (and have one, who is thoroughly house trained). As far as dogs go I’m not a fan, and the smaller they are the worse they are – especially those little yappy disgusting balls of fur. At least with a cat you don’t have to follow it around picking up shi te.

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    Being brought up with a racing pigeon man for a dad i have learnt to dislike the wee buggers. I can still remember watching my dad walk out of his loft and seeing his face one morning after the tom cat from next door had broken in and killed all the birds in that section. Wiped out all his good stock birds and his loft has never recovered. He always used to keep his Jack Russell indoors when he saw the cat was in its garden but after that episode he never did, hence the said cat soon lost a tail.   <br>The destruction they have done to us and to the wildlife around is beyond belief. Give me a dog anyyyyyyyyyyyyy day of the week. <br> The reason you don’t have to pick up your cats shi-te Mesh is the dirty wee gits do it in other folks gardens:angry: <br>

    non vintage
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    only if you train them well, soba!!!


    Scottish Jamie
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    As a fellow member of the pigeon racers union I concur wholeheartedly. Cats have no place in civilised society as too many owners do not/cannot control them.

    Can you imagine if people walking their dogs took a little detour into your garden and let their dog take a crap on your lawn. Nobody would stand for that but somehow its ok for them to let their cat out all night to wander where it likes crapping where it likes and shagging/killing what it likes.

    For people who keep birds/poultry/small animals as pets in their garden or who take pride in their garden to have things ruined by a neighbours cat should not be tolerated. If the owner cannot keep the cat in their own garden then it should be tied up when out or kept indoors.

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