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    Here’s to women showing support for other women. And people showing support for other people generally.


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    Seems a nice girl, but in the interests of equality, interview and move on.

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    I have to say that the way the English media go on about her is a bit much but that’s not her fault. She’s an excellent rider and deserves great credit but she has been put on a pedestal above Lizzie Kelly and Rachel Blackmore and it’s hard to watch. Frodon gets 10% coverage and she gets 90%. In fairness to her she gives the horse a good mention

    Also, on a point of order she is NOT the first rider to ride a Grade 1 Winner at the festival. Katie Walsh won the Champion Bumper last year but it seems maybe that doesn’t count. Anyway, best of luck to her

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    Typical Brits!!

    Build em up and try to knock em down!!

    Maybe it is the cynic in me but some people don’t seem to like success unless it is theirs and I sense a jealousy running underneath some comments regarding Bryony.

    Let us all take it at face value!! the stars aligned and the horse and jockey were a great match and the race was the right one to go for and she did it with a massive help from a courageous horse!!

    Celebrate success and enjoy the pleasure given and taken by such events

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:


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    I like her. It’s a tough sport, so why not show what it means ? Could you imagine her riding an Oaks winner then saying, “it’s not the derby though, is it” ?

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    Ehmm…what just happened here :unsure:

    It was a great ride by a very good jockey (lady or otherwise) and a
    completely heart warming moment. I was beaming ear to ear, and Bryony
    tried to make it anything other than about Bryony with her interview
    whilst still understandably in a euphoric state after her win. I loved
    her emotional loving feelings towards a horse that she has completely
    clicked with. It was a moment to savour, and we could do with a few
    more in the current climate :good:

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    Strange the effect of success on some observers. I wonder if nationality (of the observer) is a factor.

    I get the impression, for example, that Winx would arouse a thousand times the love and interest the Brits have shown had she been 2nd 31 times in a row

    Never argue with a fool. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience, then onlookers might not be able to tell the difference.


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    The longfellow said little, but filled racecourses by simply getting his horses to do the talking. :good:


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    I think it is more of the fact that she is so bubbly compared to the usual demeanour of NH jockeys when they are interviewed. Obviously that is her character and not all jockeys can be like that but you always know that whenever she is interviewed you are going to get a lot more than just perfunctory answers to questions.

    She always deflects to the horse being the main reason for the success and is much more engaging with her commentary (giving her horses a seemingly human best friend quality) that seems to connect so much more with the public.

    It is a breath of fresh air and whilst I do think the media is grabbing on a little too tightly when running with the narative hopefully things will level out the longer she is around and winning more of these type of races to the extent that it isn’t seen as something unusual.

    For me she is a female NH equivalent to Dettori.

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