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    Mr Frisk
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    Following on from the first BB4 thread, surely Jon’s eviction proves two things:

    1. That the security on C4’s polling lines is mind-bogglingly tight. I didn’t believe it after Anoushka went and there was no hint of it in the markets, but now I’m prepared to. Before this I’d always have said that money would find a way to talk somehow, but they seem to have it all wrapped up.

    2. The broader BB voting public bears little or no relation to the online addicts (or saddos if you prefer) who respond to the AOL polls and, more pertinently, set the odds on Betfair.

    The obvious conclusion is that all long odds-on chances are worth laying, although the field is shrinking now. It’s probably one of those things we should all bear in mind for next year, and will kick ourselves for forgetting when some boring no-mark is kicked out (at 6-1 against) in 12 months time..

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    Yep – completely agree – amazingly straight so far.

    Unfortunately my wife has vowed not to watch any more, since her John got done, so I’ll probably square off my books now for only a modest profit.

    I certainly would have given up watching weeks ago but for the betting.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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