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    Battle Of The Forums

    Talking Horses have asked if we’d like to take them on in a tipping challenge and I’ve accepted their challenge. Shouldn’t be too taxing for us I wouldn’t have thought. <!– s:wink: –>:wink:<!– s:wink: –>

    The contest will be loosely based on a Ryder Cup type format (details below) and the bottom line is that I need 12 volunteers to represent The Racing Forum. If everyone who would like to play posts a reply the fairest way is to have a ballot to find the 12. (If we then take them on again in the future the six best perfomers will stay in the team and six new people will have a chance next time). Please register (by replying on this topic) by Monday 14th if you’d like to take part.

    Here is an outline of of the competition, which will run over four racedays, and its rules so could all members interested in getting involved have a look.

    12 players per forum.

    If substitute players are required they may only come from the pool of players who originally signed up.

    The race/tipping days are:

    Day 1 – Cheltenham on 26th Jan: Pillar Chase Day
    Day 2 – Leopardstown 27th Jan: AIG Champion Hurdle Day
    Day 3 – Newbury 9th Feb:Aon Chase Day
    Day 4 – Leopardstown 10th Feb: Irish Hennessy Day
    Day 5: In the result of a tie this will be the big race of the day in England the following Saturday.

    <b>Please ensure that if you sign up you are available to post on that day. I will be mega-miffed if you sign up to play and don’t post selections!</b>.

    How It Works:

    12 players per forum

    Day 1 – Singles – The 12 players from each team are drawn against one another in matches. Each player picks six win selections from the day’s racing and the winner is simply the player who makes most level stakes profit from their selections. Whoever wins each match wins a point for the team. Tied games are halved.

    Day 2 – Best ball – The 12 players each then play with one of their own team against a pair from the other team. Each member selects a horse meaning each forum has 2 selections per race. The best finisher from the two horses selected by each team counts. Effectively 6 ‘pairs’ matches. Again SP decides the outcome.

    Day 3 – Again pairs but this time instead of two selections per race the two players from the team alternate selections race by race (making three selections each in nominated races where their opponents also have to make selections).

    Day 4 – back to week 1 format for the finale.


    Gazs Way De Solzen
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    I’d be more than interested if you need/want me.

    Would be great, and cant see why i wouldnt be able to post selections on those days.

    Grey Desire
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    I don’t know,which team do you want to play for Gareth having volunteered for both sides now :wink:

    I’ll have a go if required.

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    It’s had a good up take over on Talking Horses so I hope to see a TRF get behind their forum regardless of the likely drubbing they’ll get!! Should be a laugh.

    Gazs Way De Solzen
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    I don’t know,which team do you want to play for Gareth having volunteered for both sides now :wink:

    I’ll have a go if required.

    Lol, yes i just realised that fact.

    I have been a citizen of theracingforum for 5 years now and i qualify for racingforum citizenship so i have declared myself fit and available for selection.

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    ill have ago if it means beating those tossers at Talking Horses :lol:

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    Id be interested in helping TRF to victory :)

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    I’d like to have a go if lucky enough to get through in the ballot.

    I’m probably more your Paul McGinley than your Tiger Woods though…

    Gazs Way De Solzen
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    [Mark Johnson voice[/size:lyjv7mc5]]We are Much The Best and Cannot Be Denied.[/Mark Johnson voice[/size:lyjv7mc5]]

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Andrew Hughes
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    I would be interested, sounds like fun

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    Happy to participate if selected.

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    Count me in…it would be an honour to represent TRF.

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    OK, i’m up for this :)

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    Count me in… It’s not the taking part, it’s the winning :D (So, I’m best left on the bench then)

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    Me too :shock:

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