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Ascot : who’s winning and who’s losing ?

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    Just wondering how everyone’s Ascot  is going . Is anyone winning ?

    I had a so-so Tuesday, good Wednesday, and an awful last two days. I’m sitting here licking my wounds.

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    8 pts up with 2 winners from 5 bets

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    LOL Grass

    Mahler got me level today. I dont back extensively at Ascot. One of those times of year with lots of distractions and also i find a lot of races interesting but  too difficult to fathom. In some ways ascot sets the form up for the rest of the season for me

    Asset is my fancy tomorrow. he has that touch of class and last run was impressive as well as working out well. Seems a big price because of the aussie factor

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    Henrythenavigator @ 9/4<br>Full House @ 20/1<br>Manduro @ 15/8<br>Barshiba @ 16/1<br>Winker Watson @ 2/1<br>Eddie Jock @ 50/1<br>Boscobel @ 7/1<br>Binanti @ 33/1

    I’d say I’m just about in profit :cool:

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    LGR – you haven’t a clue. Backing horses at less than 3/1 at a meeting as competitive as Ascot. Back to the drawing-board for you:biggrin:

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    Way up but then I’ve only had one bet Nannina.

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    Not me, for sure!

    Wow, Letsgetracing! That’s some selecting.

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    Break even, no bets, no winners!

    <br>Over the years I’ve normally struggled at the Royal Meeting so I observe rather than bet.


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    My each way bets are covering my losses on my win bets. Had Selinka (33/1), Art Advisor (14/1), Fajr (25/1), Eddie Jock (33/1) and Geordieland (12/1).

    madman marz
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    Big priced place bets boosted my Betfair account,<br>Vortex,<br>Turtle Bowl,<br>Le Miracle,<br>Sapina Palada or something, the third behind Nanina.<br>Manduro for win.<br>And nice lays on Warsaw & Notnowcato.<br>But my wallet is suffering, not much cash in hand left.<br>Today & yesterday put paid to that.

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    I’m losing.

    Bad day Tuesday. Worse night.

    House flooded out. Wasit high. Exciting in the moment of fear but rather muddy and smelly in the aftermath.  Welcome to Shropshire. Goodbye earthly goods. Farewell Leicester Square.

    Missed the next couple of days; shovelling s**t
    , comforting wife, wondering how I got here. Just as well, backed a load of virtual heartbreakers. Selinka to win for example.

    Now sat in a hotel room in Telford, which is a roundabout surrounded by car parks, wondering how £15 per day use of the internet is going to go down with the loss adjustors. Still, ****
    em if they can’t take a joke.

    Lucky I count my blessings every day.

    <br>And have a treble sorted for tomorrow…

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    Jeez that’s tough tooting. Hope you didn’t lose too much.

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    Ascot is a great meeting to not have a bet.

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    tooting hi mate i work in bridgnorth <br>on stanmore industrial estate<br>on what part of the severn do live in ,if you are mopping<br>out ,and you need any help in any way just let me know

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    Hi baggie – thanks for kind offer. A common occurrence in Bridgnorth I understand. In fact when Anne phoned 999 as I slipped under the waves the lady on the end of the line was quick to tell us it was much worse in Bridgnorth low town.

    A clue in the name I’d have thought!  

    I was in Shifnal – so not even on the Severn. Not flooded in living memory, but within 6 weeks of me arriving – must have been a black cloud I dragged with me!

    The house is uninhabitable for at least three months – so we’ve left the insurers and landlords to it. Thanks again anyway.  In true English style it did prove a way of getting to know the neighbours.


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