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Annual Champions Day challenge v Talkinghorses Sat Oct 17th

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    Nathan Hughes
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    VTC please move to comps when appropriate, thought I’d post here in case of any non competition members fancied entering

    To Participate

    Just post on this thread if you’d like to be of TRF team

    These are the rules we have used previously.


    Entries can be made on either the Talking Horses Forum or The Racing Forum regardless of which team the player represents. Each team will consist of 16 players including one captain (numbers could vary depending on interest).

    A draw is made on the Wednesday prior to the meeting whereby players are paired together and compete with each other by nominating one selection in each of the six races at Ascot’s Champions Day meeting with one selection noted as a nap. The first player to be drawn out on each side will be the captain for this year’s contest.
    A virtual £2 win bet will be placed on the nap with a virtual £1 win bet on your other selections. In the event a nap is not nominated, all selections will be settled on a £1 win basis. Stake money will not be included in any returns but losing selections result in losing the virtual stake. For the purpose of this competition any Rule 4 deductions will be ignored.
    Selections (one reserve for each race allowed) must be in by 1.15PM and no submissions or alterations are permitted thereafter, no exceptions ! In the event a selection is a NR, the reserve selection will apply, if the reserve is also a NR OR if no reserve is nominated the selection will revert to the favourite for the race in question. If there are joint or co-favourites the horse with the highest race card number will be deemed to be the selection.
    In each match the winning player scores 3 points, a tie will be scored as 1 point each and the winning forum will be the one who scores most points. If the result is a tie the accumulated profit (or loss) of all the players in their respective team will be the deciding factor.
    If a team member fails to post selections, the captain’s selections are used again on behalf of that player. If the captain fails to post selections on the day, the captain’s and all absent players score will be calculated as a losing selection on each race including one nap.
    Any disputes the decision of Nathan and Diamond Geezer is final.


    2019 – Talkinghorses 17-14 (12 a side) MVP TheKryptonFactor (TRF +£12.00)
    2018 – TRF 30-18 (16 a side) MVP TheKryptonFactor (TRF +£54.00)
    2017 – TRF 30-18 (16 a side) MVP BigG (TRF +£22.63)
    2016 – TRF 34-13 (16 a side) MVP Chestnut (TRF +£15.88)

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    Venture to Cognac
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    I’ll go reserve as usual Nath, though I’m sure you’ll get enough

    Nathan Hughes
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    Also guys
    it is our year to do the scoring so if anyone would be happy to volunteer to do that it would be much appreciated

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    :good: I’m in Nathan..look forward to this contest every year. :good:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    I’m in Nathan. :good: Always love a good contest.

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    I am in Nathan :yes:

    Nathan Hughes
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    BigG has put his name forward to

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    I’m in, though given the form I’ve been in lately, probably best kept as reserve

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    Count me in – our annual challenge is bigger than the day itself!


    All Jeff
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    I’d like to take part Nathan

    Nathan Hughes
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    Maybe move this to the comps now
    Thanks.. :good:

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    Yes please Nathan!

    John Gooch
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    Yes I would like to be considered for entry.

    Nathan Hughes
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    You guys are in… :good:

    We have 9 so far
    looking for a minimum 12 hopefully more
    myself and Vtc can step in if needed

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    I think I should put my name forward, considering results in recent years.

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