An unbelievably good ride! Sadeek at 5:35 Doncaster today

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    Hi All,

    I’m surprised this has not already been commented on:

    The ride Royston Ffrench gave Sadeek today in the 5:35 at Doncaster was truly something special.

    I really wish I had a way of sharing the race, but I watched it in my local Corals and I don’t have Racing UK.

    It was a 7 furlong handicap and coming to the furlong pole Sadeek seemed to be in command only for the the jockey to lose his irons, slip towards the head of the horse, then around its neck and finally leaving him clinging onto the horses head while both of his feet were almost on the ground. It seemed like he could do nothing other then fall off.

    Amazingly, he managed to get back onto the horse and drive his willing partner home by a neck while being strongly challenged by horses coming at him from either side.

    I really hope this ride ends up on youtube as it is difficult to do it justice with words.

    It really is a case of "seeing is believing."

    I’ve seen a lot of races but this is probably the best ride, in terms of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, I’ve ever seen.

    Really hope some other forumites caught it.



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    yes he gave a great ride on a M.jonhston horse a few yrs back,10 length clear if i remember correctly


    Danum Doctor
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    I was stood near the winning post. First, and possibly last time, I’ve seen the jockey pass me lying across the horse’s neck. Certainly no chance of breaching the non-trier rules on this occasion !!!

    Royston got the loudest cheer of the day from the crowd on getting back to the winner’s enclosure and rightly so.



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    Twas an amazing ride – I’d love to have been there.

    I’m surprised more peeps haven’t eulogised about it, maybe not many have seen it? (ATR repeated it a few times today)


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