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    Hi Liz!

    How did you get into racing? Lived in a village surrounded by stables, have an older brother & sister who both worked in racing as did my dad (years ago).  Mum has no interest, shes scared of horses and wasn’t keen on any of us working with them, younger brother took after her and has no interest at all.I started out by working in stables on a weekend and in holidays, which gradully went into schooldays aswell(but shush as mum mum doesn’t know that bit!)

    Why? – Loved horses and the whole atmosphere of working in a yard, and the buzz around the village; you couldn’t get away from it really, once you’ve got it in your blood thats it.  I didn’t really follow it until the days of Mister Baileys and Double Trigger.

    Who do you go racing with ? groups? on your own?- When i lived in middleham I had a lot of friends to discuss horses and racing with, i moved away and lost touch, so apart from my dad and cousin (whose just moved back up here) i have noone to go racing with now :(apart from a few good friends who i’ve met through this place, which in turn has got me more contacts and led to other jobs, college and friends etc…but they all are about 4 hours away from me!<br>

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    Hey people.

    I’ve always had ponies and horses on a shoe string budget, and my mum used to ride out point to pointers.<br>It was suggested by a local trainer to my dad (who’s not interested in horses) that maybe i’d like to ride out.

    People ask why i’m still in racing as i got very good GCSE’s and AS Levels, the truth is i love it, especially the horses. There’s always a great atmosphere as well.

    I must point out that yeah everyone in lambourn socialises, but we are not all bleeding alcoholics. We have a great laugh though!

    I go racing with the horses, sometimes on days off i might go racing for the hell of it, Katy and me have been loads of times to Newbury, and of course Cheltenham.<br>When your a lass/lad in racing your either hate or love taking horses racing, and i love it. I’m always asking to take any spares, the nights away are brilliant in yorkshire!!

    Me and Katy have had some great times racing, especially afterwards when she’s taking the p**s
    out of me for drooling at certain people. Oh well she does it to, over ….. hmmmmm…..<br>like to fill people in Katy? Thanks for dragging the Ruby thing up on my post!!!

    love ya’ll<br>daiesy

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    <br> Hi I’m just under tirty<br> and have been under a horse<br> for several years 😎

    My name’s shoe

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    I just about qualify for the under 30 thing!!!!

    Spent all of my time from the age of about 10/11 with the ‘osses, broke my femur at the aeg of 15 which resulted in me moving the ‘oss to another yard where I teamed up with an utter reprobate who was a terribly bad influence – she encouraged me to bunk school to go riding, go racing when I could & have a punt through her Dad (who would either ring Hills or take us to the local bookies!)

    All went downhill from there – got more involved in racing, started nicking out of school at lunchtime with my two mates Eddie & Sam to go to the local independent (still have a credit account there, on first name terms with ’em all :biggrin: ) then stopped going to A Level lessons to exercise the arab racehorses I was training/riding in races…..a slippery slope!!!

    Usual story came next – Dad, I’m only taking a year out to work in a racing yard before I go to Uni to take up that place I landed reading Equine Science (um, right-o!!!) and erm, haven’t looked back since!

    Despite breaking a few bones & landing on the head a few times that is – eventual retirement led to the murky underworld of bookmaking….

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    <br>How did you get into racing? <br>Because my Dad is a follower of the sport, and a gambler. Most Saturdays in The Working Men’s Club centred on watching the Channel 4 coverage (and still do), and there were regular trips to York and Ripon and Beverly races (and there still are), at an impressionable young age.

    Why? <br>I like horses – they’re excellent. Also, I’m still hopeful that I can make a profit from gambling.

    Are you from a racing family/background? <br>Only in the sense of betting on them; otherwise, no, and that is another one of the reasons why I’m so fond of racing (particularly attending the races) – seeing horses in the flesh is still a novelty.

    Who do you go racing with ? groups? on your own?<br>None of my friends are interested, so I attend the races with my parents (and their friends). I’m even off to Paris, to watch the Arc, with them (I’m in my early twenties, and they’re both fifty-something); true, they’re more of a laugh than most of my friends, but it would be nice if I could go with someone my own age, and feel a little less tragic…<br>

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