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A catastrophic day for NH Racing

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    6 horses died last year and they looked into it, made improvements to make the course more safe. This year 4 died. I still say Cheltenham is the most lethal course in the country.

    Ex RubyLightEx RubyLight
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    BlackGold, which was the 4th fatality? I thought we’ve lost only three (Ballyward, Sir Erec and Invitation Only) and hope you’re wrong.

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    I am interested in reducing death tolls in both human and equine populations and wish to examine the death of poor Sir Erec with a fine forensic tooth comb.

    I posted a few thoughts in the memorial section, and possibly better to continue here out of respect to some horse lovers’ sensibilities.

    I am sitting less than a thousand steps from 10 Rillington Place where the notorious softly spoken Yorkshireman and serial killer John Christie used to take off his policeman’s uniform and sit down to sup his favourite broth of an evening. He was a slight man and weighed a lethal 7 stones and 12 pounds.

    Horses forelegs have no wrapping supporting muscles like John’s, just tendons, and carry far more weight.

    When Sir Erec was being shoed his other foreleg was supporting the weight of four and a half John Christies for an estimated three minutes.(my guess)

    My thought is this – did this extra pressure and weight disturb or slightly damage the weight bearing leg ?

    Should the horse be given a wellbeing canter ?

    A horse’s forelegs support half its weight approx 35 stones. Standing on one leg would bring this full weight down on that supporting leg. I am no expert :negative:

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    The leg that Sir Erec unfortunately broke was the same one upon which his foot was re-shod which was also the same foot upon which he suffered a stone bruise shortly prior to the Festival. Apparently this is all a coincidence, he did not routinely place disproportionate weight upon said fore leg when galloping and jumping. And I can find no pattern of correlation between horses who have nails hammered into a foot immediately before a race going on to break the same leg in the race itself.

    The film 10 Rillington Place is excellent and features a sinister masterpiece of a performance by Richard Attenborough.

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    Two police reports have been filed in the memorial section and one an ex policeman. The broken leg suffered earlier bruising and was the one which was reshod.

    Did the weight bearing other leg act unusually during the race due to its three minutes of fame and possibly strike into the re-shod one breaking it ? This can happen but contact damage is more often sustained from the back legs striking the fore.

    Was the new shoe the same ?
    Why was the farrier not interrogated. He seemed to be a craftsman and would make an excellent witness of opinion and fact ?

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    David was excellent in his portrayal of the eight time killer and serial killers are often of slight frame as they pass more easily and more unnoticed amongst victims. The Yorkshire Ripper was 6lb heavier, but still a light build so probably left off the pudding. The killer I avoided in a Corsican bar was well groomed and of unthreatening light build about nine and a half stone, but that weight can be lethal with a hammer attached.

    I wrote when you wrote Golden, so missed your excellent determination and analysis.

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    After such a brilliant day’s racing on Thursday I, too, was much saddened by Friday’s fatalities, and felt particularly sorry for winningmost Irish amateur Patrick Mullins who rode two of the three horses killed at the meeting. When he was on board Dooney’s Gate, who was killed at Becher’s in the 2011 Grand National he wrote an award-winnng description of his experience, which highlighted the desperation felt by jockeys in such incidents. However the recent safety records of jump racing’s two biggest races has shown significant improvements. Invitation Only was the first horse killed in the Cheltenham Gold Cup since Gloria Victis sadly lost his life in 2000. Since then 236 horses have competed in 17 Gold Cups in the intervening years without any fatalities or serious injuries. A similar number of horses have competed successfully in the last six Nationals since 2012 when poor Synchronised and According to Pete died in that renewal. We must conitinue to investigate all racecourse equine deaths, and make improvements accordingly, but the sport will never be risk-free. Indeed the Epsom Derby has a poorer recent record of tragedies, I believe, than the Gold Cup or Aintree National, and there is no significant clamour to ban that race.

    I do, however, remain very concerned about the National Hunt Handicap Chase. It might be the oldest race at the Festival, but a four mile novices chase run in fading light involving some (though not all) less experienced riders is not a spectacle acceptable to the general public these days, and it is surely time to replace it with an alternative race in which the risk to horse welfare is significantly lower. A three mile veterans chase would be a better alternative, I think.

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    EdRubyLight I thought I saw a report here that Just Your Type had also died, but it seems to have disappeared from the Memorials section now.

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    Just Your Type was reported ‘none the worse’ by Longsdon . Thread was removed

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    Fading light? There was more than enough light when the race was ran,

    I still dont see what the issue is, is it the amount of horses who fell? Or the rides they where given?

    What ride was particulary bad? What ride was anyworse than any race ran by professionals in adverse conditions?

    Surely cue card and outlander should have been pulled up in the betfair chase being 57 lengths behind BDM, they were very, very tired animals coming and jumping the last, i fail to see how jerrysback was in a worse shape, they where fine to run for a place, so whats the difference?

    Would any of the fallers have stood up with a different jockey on there back? I dont think it would have made much difference tbh?

    What is the actual problem with what happened, none of the horses who fell were fatally injured due to tiredness, ballyward fell at half way… atlanta ablaze wasnt all out when falling, mulcahys hill maybe? Just your type ? Maybe? The rest a definite no….

    Journalists involved should know better, lydia hislop in particular, saying there was a problem, without clarifying what the problem is, the problem IMO has come from the handling from the bha… again

    But im sure theyll be people sayong lydia hislop is more aware about it than AP mccoy

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