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2020 Saturday Handicap Tipping Comp – Week One – Betway Handicap Chase

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    The first race is the Betway Handicap Chase (Kempton 3.35).

    Selections here please. Anyone can enter.

    Good luck all.

    Here are the rules

    This is a competition consisting of one handicap run each Saturday. Rules are as follows:-

    1. Competition starts on Saturday 22 February 2020 with the last race run on Saturday 4 July 2020.

    2. Tipsters pick 2 horses in each race, horse one is a 2 point win bet and horse two is a 1 point each way bet. You CANNOT pick the same horse for both bets and you are advised to name reserves.

    3. All bets are settled at SP and all e/w bets are paid at 1/4 odds as follows:-
    Races up to 15 runners – 1st, 2nd & 3rd places
    Races with 16-21 runners – 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th places
    Races with 22+ runners – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th places

    4. The winner will be the tipster with the best level stakes profit.

    5. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the tipster with most winners, if still level then the tipster with the biggest SP winner, then the 2nd biggest SP winner and so on.

    6. I shall post which race is to be selected by Friday at the latest and you can post selections right up to off time.

    7. Anyone can enter just post selections on the relevant thread.

    8. Competition lasts 20 weeks and tipsters must play in at least 12 weeks to have a chance of winning.

    9. All Dead Heats will be paid out at full stake.

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    Win Black Corton
    EW Double Shuffle
    Res Dashing Perk

    Good to have the comp back so quickly thanks Pat

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    Echo grass on that Pat :good: Great to have you back and hoping for a bit more luck this time with the flat on the agenda later in the year…

    Kildisart – WIN
    Black Corton – EW

    Reserve: Just A Sting

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    Quelle Farce
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    I hope that there are 12 jumps handicaps here, cos I have no idea about the flat at all*. I think for the flat races I’ll blindly go topweight to win, bottomweight to place, see where that gets me.

    *Of course, many will say my knowledge of jumps isn’t much more, ba-boom-tish!

    That said, just spent half an hour looking at the Eider for this purpose, only to realise Black Corton isn’t in that one! Doh!

    Anyway, here we are:

    Win: Crievehill
    E/W: Kildasart
    Res: Black Corton

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    Win – Highway One O One (Kildisart)

    EW – Sametegal (Just A Sting)

    John Gooch
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    Selections For Week One – Betway Handicap Chase

    Win Selection – Adrien Du Pont (Fr) – Reserve Selection Black Corton (Fr)

    Each Way Selection – Talkischeap (Ire)- Reserve Selection Double Shuffle (Ire)

    Many Thanks for running this competition again :good:

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    Top stuff Pat for getting this up and running again so quickly. Not that I did any ood in the last one.






    Mister Malarky

    Good Luck Folks :good: :good:

    Nathan Hughes
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    Hi Pat…. :bye:

    Win – Sanetegal
    EW – Romain De Senam
    Sub – Black Corton

    Member since March 2008
    Michael Walsh
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    3:35 Kempton Just A Sting 2pts win
    Kildisart 1pt ew

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    Good luck all.

    Adrien Du Pont WIN (Res Black Corton)
    Kildisart EW (Res Mister Malarky)

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    Adrien Du Pont – WIN (Black Corton)

    Mister Malarky– E/Way (Dashing Perk)

    Good Luck Everyone

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    Black Corton

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    WIN Dashing Perk
    E/W Just a Sting
    Sub Black Corton

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    WIN Black Corton
    E/W Dashing Perk

    Res. Just A Sting

    bob rolf
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    Hi Pat

    Win: Double Shuffle
    EW: Sametegal

    Res: Just A Sting

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