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    :soccer: Japan 20/1, Australia 15/1

    Brazil will qualify, won’t they?

    Of course they will. Doesn’t mean they’ll win the group though. Australia play Japan first and a win for either gives that team a distinct advantage. Brazil face Croatia and that’s a tough game, Croatia have a physically robust team, it’s a tasty opener.  Advantage one of the other two if Brazil don’t fire up FTO.

    Ifs and Buts aside, an example is 1998 Group A:<br>Brazil 2:1 Scotland<br>Brazil 3:0 Morocco<br>Brazil 1:2 Norway

    (2002 group was a breeze in anyone’s form book)

    This group is much tougher IMO. If there’s value then it has to come from Brazil’s less then foolproof defensive work (positional play in particular) from their full-backs (who are knocking on a fair bit now) and any twitchy stuff from them and the way is open for a Japan side who will be brimming with speed, stamina and more quality than at any stage previously.

    Croatia are strong defensively – conceded only 5 in qualifying – but that’s gonna be needed because Prso and Balaban may be lucky to get a goal between them in the 3 games; don’t rate them that highly and set pieces from Croatia will be a big asset for them.

    Not so Japan, whose fitness and technique are no longer in doubt – the J-League is played at a fast pace which I saw live when living in Osaka – and they are the value because they have every chance of beating Croatia and, if they overcome AUS in the opening game, they’ll have 6 pts going into the Brazil game and the 20/1 will have disappeared quicker than me after my awful tips for the Lockinge!

    The dominance of Brazil since they stopped messing around (lol) in the 70s and 80 is fairly clear – but no team in the modern era has retained their crown and a probable 4-2-4 formation (however fluid) doesn’t inspire short-price investment when France and England look particularly strong and with Germany as hosts.

    Either way, it’s a cracking group.

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    Prefer Japan than Australia myself but you may have found some value there.

    Interested Academic
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    Time is upon us FSL, and I’ve swayed towards Japan to ruffle some feathers. Japan 21/1. Here’s hoping at big odds :biggrin:


    So close! A big shame really, IMHO, i won the stake money back on both with cover bets but I just thought Japan were far better than Australia and would have had more chance of ruffling Brazil’s feathers. Still, all the best to Australia – they looked a lot short (for 85 minutes) of what is required and were basically lucky to win, but I have them and they have 3pts so we’ll see…

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