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    Hi All

    Thought I would try to run another inter forum competition to create a bit of interest and rivalry among the forums. I hope there is a bit of interest as the last one had over 100 entries. As normal I will donate a bottle of whiskey to the winner or if the winner wishes I will donate the equivalent to the Greyhound Welfare as Millerlad did with his winnings last time, so 10 minutes of your time will benefit yourself or our great sport.<br>This competition starts on Saturday night at Wimbledon, so the dead line is noon on Saturday. 3 rounds of jumping from novices is a sight to behold, lets hope they all come home safe and sound.<br>Scoring will be 6pts for each race winner down to 1pt for the 6th dog home, right through to the final + the dogs handicap mark.<br>Who will take Millerlad from Belle Vue Owners forum title and will the Belle Vue Owners forum keep their title (top 3 scorers from each forum qualify for the count) as champions.<br>If any dog does not make the line up on Saturday, you can change your entry until 12 noon, if it is withdrawn after that you will get the reserve dog in your selection.

    Post your 6 selections below and I will then transfer them to the database where you can check your scores and positions. The link will be added when I have updated it on Saturday afternoon.

    Runners and Handicap

    Druids Micky Joe 1

    Farloe Style 1

    Greenacre Tom 1

    Coolmona Dave 1

    Arbour Jack 1

    Lenson Royal 1

    Trojan Flight 2

    Newlawn Native 2

    Legal Joe 2

    Druids Classic 2

    Blue Meadow Lad 2

    Were The Bis 2

    Tels Coogee Boy 3

    Robbie Introuble 3

    Musgrove Ozzie 3

    Bright Eagle 3

    Taipan 3

    Snazzy Blueboy 3

    Rockmount Gael 4

    Mustang Mover 4

    Second Wind 4

    Steam On Vieri 4

    Quality Street 4

    One Of Ten 4

    Lordsbury Dust 5

    Lochbo Rush 5

    Limited Blue 5

    Joes A Dazzler 5

    High Street Viper 5

    Best Dancer 5

    Baran Mandinka 6

    Killeen Tom 6

    The Bottler 6

    Knowledge 6

    Jimmy Point Seven 6

    Firebolt 6


    20.00 460m 1 High St Viper (S A Cahill, Wdon) 2 Farloe Style (S A Cahill, <br>Wdon) 3 Lordsbury Dust (w) (J A Davidson, Cryfd) 4 The Bottler (w) (J T <br>Foster, Oxfrd) 5 Blue Meadow Lad (w) (T I Foster, Unatt) 6 Trojan Flight <br>(w) (J W Reynolds, Wstow)

    20.15 460m 1 Bright Eagle (T I Foster, Unatt) 2 Rockmount Gael (D E <br>Luckhurst, Cryfd) 3 Druids Mickey Jo (S A Cahill, Wdon) 4 Knowledge (m) (R <br>K Peacock, Wdon) 5 Mustang Mover (m) (R K Peacock, Wdon) 6 Robbie Introuble <br>(w) (P C Rees, Wdon)

    20.30 460m 1 Taipan (B D O’Sullivan, Cryfd) 2 Best Dancer (m) (T I Foster, <br>Unatt) 3 Killeen Tom (w) (G Baggs, Wstow) 4 Newlawn Native (w) (T I Foster, <br>Unatt) 5 Fire Bolt (w) (T I Foster, Unatt) 6 Jimmy Pointseven (w) (S A <br>Cahill, Wdon)

    21.15 460m 1 Snazzy Blueboy (S A Cahill, Wdon) 2 Were The Bis (D Mullins, <br>Romfd) 3 Lenson Royal (S A Cahill, Wdon) 4 Coolmona Dave (m) (T I Foster, <br>Unatt) 5 Second Wind (w) (C P Miller, Stgbrn) 6 Joes A Dazzler (w) (P R <br>Garland, Wdon)

    21.30 460m 1 Greenacre Tom (R K Peacock, Wdon) 2 Quality Street (S A <br>Cahill, Wdon) 3 Baran Mandinka (m) (R K Peacock, Wdon) 4 One Of Ten (m) (R <br>K Peacock, Wdon) 5 Legal Jo (w) (J S J Simpson, Wdon) 6 Arbour Jack (w) (R <br>K Peacock, Wdon)

    21.45 460m 1 Lochbo Rush (S A Cahill, Wdon) 2 Druids Classic (S A Cahill, <br>Wdon) 3 Limited Blue (B Doyle, Wdon) 4 Tels Coogee Boy (G Andreas, Stgbrn) <br>5 Steam On Vieri (S A Cahill, Wdon) 6 Musgrave Ozzie (m) (R K Peacock, <br>Wdon)

    Best regards and good luck<br>Trevor

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    Hi trevor, heres my flyers.

    Trojan Flight (2)<br>Druids Mickey Jo (1)<br>Newlawn Native (2)<br>Lenson Royal (1)<br>Legal Jo (2)<br>Limited Blue (5)

            Cheers…Hares Running…>

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    <br>Farloe Style<br>Druids Mickey Jo<br>Newlawn Native<br>Were The Bis<br>Arbour Jack<br>Druids Classic

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    Will post link later for updates etc


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    Hi Guys

    Database is now updated (fingers are worn out)<br>78 entries from various forums.<br>Click on the link below and it will (hopefully) give you a search facility for your name or your forum or you can just list all. Have a look round and enjoy.<br>I will update it as soon as possible tomorrow.<br>Best of luck to all.

    Regards<br>Trevor<br>http://www.[removed]<br&gt;<br>the removed bit is escorial racing (no space)

    (Edited by trevor at 6:28 pm on Feb. 5, 2005)

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    Hi All

    A super turn out with 80 + entries, last nights results are now updated on the same link.<br>Paul from Talking Horses has taken an early lead followed by Gearystar from Hove, Mark from Escorial and Penningtonbill from Belle Vue.<br>Please bear with me if there are any mistakes, just point them out and I will rectify ASAP, as its been a long night !!!

    Best regards<br>Trevor

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    Hi All

    Updates are now on the database, use the same link to see where your entry is.<br>Top man going into next Tuesday’s final is Paul from Talking Horses, followed by Gearystar from Hove and Pennington bill from Belle Vue.<br>Top forum at the moment is Belle Vue.


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    Hi Guys

    Sorry for the late final result, but the works computer has a virus so I could not update it on nightshift last night.

    Final Result :

    1st – Martyboy – Flappers Dream – 81 pts<br>2nd – Bluey – Belle Vue – Belle Vue – 78pts<br>3rd – Gearystar – Hove Owners – 77pts<br>3rd – Chester – Belle Vue – 77pts

    Well done to Martyboy, if you PM me on your site with your address I will send you your prize.

    Top forum once again was :<br>Belle Vue Owners

    Thanks for all the entries and support, I know the prize is small, but IF we can get some sponsorship I will run one for the Irish Derby.<br>The more we can do to help our sport and create interest the better.

    Thanks and regards<br>Trevor

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