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    <br>flamboyant owner terry ramsden

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    I think his brief comeback was heavily dependant on the unlikely notion of Royal Atalza winning the Grand National.

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    Last time I heard he was being sued for the return of a mere million quid – that was some six months ago – not a lot seems to have changed for him by the looks of things.

    Click here to read Terry Ramsden’s most recent piece of bovver

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    <br>Whatever happened to Keen Leader?

    Never heard anything after his owner passed on…

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    Terry Ramsden owns majority of the horses trained by Geoff Huffer in Newmarket…

    If I remember rightly, Keen Leader was retired aand is now hunting….I am sure I can find out for you…..(just emailed someone who works at the yard)

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    Ramsden seems to have the unique ability of making large amounts of people give him money.

    Following his prison sentence and bankruptcy, he reappeared investing in various low-cap technology companies who’s share prices subsequently headed north – if only briefly.  Was this based on his previous financial acumen, which included p*ssing away 150 million in a few months?

    He always seems capable of scraping together a few ‘mill’ at short notice yet seems to have all the financial ability of Nick Leeson.

    Who are these people who bankroll him?

    And more importantly, how can I befriend them?


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    I was watching the repeats of the 1990’s Grand Nationals on RUK yesterday and after watching 1996 I was thinking what happened to Encore Un Peu. He ran a great race behind Rough Quest but I can’t remember hearing too much about him afterwards.

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    There was very little else to see or hear of him after that effort, Pat. He made his seasonal reappearance in the following year’s Racing Post Chase, finished a 38l – and very, very lame – fifth to Mudahim, and never raced again.


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    Mike – if you befriend him do ask him if he’s after a young, female, racing manager would you?? :biggrin:

    Scottish Jamie
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    I’m after a young female racing manager – not got any horses but still after one ;)

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    I have just recieved a email from Jackdaws, and this is what it said:

    Dear Karen

    Thank you for your email.  Keen Leader has been retired and is currently<br>at Jackdaws Castle out at grass.  He is ridden out occasionally and is<br>enjoying his retirement.

    Kind regards,

    Lucy Langdale


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    Thanks for this. He will go down as a big underacheiver but it’s great to hear that he is enjoying life.

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