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    dave jay
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    We haven’t had a debate thread down in the systems dungeon for ages, so I thought it would be nice to have some opinions from the boys down here …

    Do you think as a systems bettor that it is best to use one system to the exclusion of everything else or is it best to use as many systems as you can cope with at one time?

    I am in the multiple system camp at the minute but find it difficult to maintain discipline and concentration.

    Do we need a system control system??

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    I use my own "system" or method to find one horse a day(well, most days) and bet systematically using 3 banks depending on its rating level.

    One has to be disciplined to do this but in the 3 years I have bet like this I have turned from losing ££££’s when using many systems to winning using one.

    However I do monitor other systems/methods and occassionally use these to do a scoop 6 (without success).

    But IMO you can’t beat the "Bet one a day and go away" system.<br>:)

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    Hi Dave,

    Interesting question. If you come up with a real gem of a system then it must be worth following that alone rather than ‘waste’ basic resources. (Your betting bank).

    However that’s not the whole story and I once saw a very reasoned argument (may have been here on TRF actually), that advised getting 2 or preferably 3 moderately successful systems and then running them together. The idea being that when 1 system has a losing run, the other 2 are there to take the strain. In practice however finding 1 good ‘un is tough, so how hard is it to find 3!!!:biggrin:  Not only that but you may end up with different selections in the same race!

    Look forward to seeing others thoughts on this ‘cos I’m open minded & ready to be persuaded either way;)

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    This question is quite easily explained by using a simple formula:

    Number of systems/Time Available = Crap Monitoring..:biggrin:

    Personally I feel only Women have the ability to do several chores at the same time and still make it look easy…:)

    Seriously though, I feel more comfortable monitoring ONE system at a time in detail for the time I have allotted myself to this "Sport of Kings"…particularly if it happens to be doing the business. I also know that IT CAN take over your life if you try to monitor many systems at the same time and try to meet the normal demands of family life, work..etc.

    Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees and that is the time to step back…lay low…and observe multi-lateral methods of making this game pay. Time is on our side…it takes a long time to prove that your painstaking observations bare fruit continueously and that you are on the right track to attaining wealth beyond your imagination.

    Dream ON….:biggrin: <br>

    dave jay
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    Some interesting and varied thoughts on the subject …

    It’s right what you all say, in my opinion because there seems to be no definite answer to it!

    terencl … you seem to have got it sussed out pretty well, the one race a day approach works the way you have described, I suspect similar to the Robotica, staking system which is pretty cool.

    Bricoman, it’s good to see you posting again and I see the bitter experience in the words, I think we have all been there with all that and can sympathise. Especially with the taking over your life statement. I would also say that it’s the expectation of what we are going to get out of racing that makes us feel like that and behave like we do.

    On a personnal level I reckon I’m at the same stage as you snowman, I’m undecided!

    I have two systems that I win with more or less consistently but it’s very boring and find it hard to keep them both going at the same time and sustain any level of interest after two or three losers, even though, through experience, I know they’ll come good. So I don’t know whether to commit to one or soldier on with both?

    I think the answer may be in keeping stakes very small in relation to the total size of bank (say 1%) and then things won’t feel like they’re getting out of control?

    dave jay
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    If MrE was here there’d be a debate .. miss the old bugger?

    The Bloke’s :cool:

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