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    No more worrying about who to vote for, there’s a website that will make your decision for you:

    You answer a few simple quetions and it tells you which party is best for you.

    And it tells me to vote for…

    …. UKIP!!!??!!?!



    non vintage
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    i have just done this – are you on the popbitch mailing list by any chance stevedvg?

    anyway, my analysis came out pretty much as i thought it would…

    +04 Labour<br>-17 Conservative<br>+43 LibDem<br>-02 UKIP<br>+15 Green

    no alarms and no surprises!

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    i have just done this – are you on the popbitch mailing list by any chance stevedvg?

    Yep. You can always spot us.

    I was positive Ukip, the Greens and the Tories (in that order).

    A big negative on Labour (now, there’s a shocker) and a small neg on the Lib Dems.

    I guessed I would have come up Lib Dem which shows you how little I know.

    I thought my "let them in" attitude towards immigration would have knocked UKIP out straight away.

    I guess I’ll have to go get myself some culture …. so I can say that "they" are diluting it.


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    My results:

    UKIP +44<br>Con  +40<br>Green +1<br>Lib Dem -31<br>Labour -32

    As expected. :cool:

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    Labour -20       <br>Conservative -9       <br>Liberal Democrat 24 <br>UK Independence Party -2       <br>Green 17

    I’m in favour of a "You would have liked Hitler" option, just to compare…

    <br>You should vote: Liberal Democrat<br>The LibDems take a strong stand against tax cuts and a strong one in favour of public services: they would make long-term residential care for the elderly free across the UK, and scrap university tuition fees. They are in favour of a ban on smoking in public places, but would relax laws on cannabis. They propose to change vehicle taxation to be based on usage rather than ownership.

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    Just done this, Conservative won, followed by UKIP (Ough), Green, Liberal Dems and Labour.

    dave jay
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    UKIP +40<br>Green +23<br>Conservative +13<br>Lib Dem +9<br>Labour -36

    I’m turning into a revolutionary in my old age .. :biggrin:

    Nick Hatton
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    Very strange Steve, exactly the same order as you

    +23  Ukip<br>+15  Greens<br>+11  Conservative<br>-4  Lib Dems<br>-8  Labour

    Must have been my anti-war & keep the pound sentiments that did it !

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    Good grief. Never in a million years would I have believed this. (Apart from the negative labour vote  :biggrin: )<br> <br>UK Independence Party 20<br> Liberal Democrat 8<br>Conservative 8<br> Green 9<br>Labour -11

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    I predicted Conservative but it went pear shaped:

    Labour – 22<br>Green  – 12<br>Conservative -7<br>UKIP – 3<br>Lib Dems 0

    So no party showed a positive outcome – the question is do I have a member of Veritas in my constituency?!

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    Labour 8 <br>Conservative 31 <br>Liberal Democrat -30       <br>UK Independence Party 19 <br>Green -6

    I sort of expected UKIP to be closer to teh Tories, other than that it seems pretty much in order to me.<br>Keith<br>

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    Is it possible that the site is owned by UKIP??

    Adrian, your results are totally bizarre.

    What voting advice did it give you?

    Maybe you should stop paying taxes on the grounds that you’re not being provided for politically.

    No taxation without representation and all that.


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    It told me to vote Lib Dem – yeah right! – and went on to mention their standpoint on various issues, some of which  I’d just voted against.

    I think I was too neutral on many points but thats because I can see both sides of many of the arguements.

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    51 – Liberal Democrats<br> 12 – Green Party<br>   5 – Labour (New)<br>   4 – UKIP (WEKIP)<br>-30 – Conservative

    Can’t believe UKIP managed to score 4. I’m tempted to vote Conservative out of sympathy…alright I’m not…

    As expected for the Liberals, the mainstream party closest to my views.

    Don’t panic if UKIP make your top two or three with the Greens – you’re not a walking contradiction. Just a clean living, patriotic kind of human. I guess the UKIP score is coming from a desire to be connected to Europe in the way we are and to keep the pound.

    Also, the website has made judgements on the UKIP view of some of these policies. So there’s more room for inaccuracy I think.

    Mesh, it’s good that racing brings raving Tories/UKIP’s and raving Liberals together.

    Out of interest Mesh, do you think of yourself as having a tough choice between Conservative and UKIP?


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    Labour -23 <br>Con – 53 <br>Lib Dem +88<br>UkIP   -4<br>Green +55

    Hope lib dems win.

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