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    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    I still haven’t seen the race, but heard good things.

    I love these horses which just one or two people go for, and they turn out to be big point winners. He could be one of those.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    I’m delighted to announce that TAPK will be giving £50 to whoever is leading on New Years Day (before Racing On Jan 1st). Many thanks Gord.

    If he keeps firing in the winners, he might be keeping it, as he and Alien collected via Blue Sari.

    Canford was the only one of you to keep the Faith with Faugheen, and was rewarded as he won on his debut over fences.

    Nice star horse for Autumnal, as Notebook looks a very exciting type.

    Saldier was a big winner, and he gets Jamie off the mark, and also a big winner for Botchy, Dac, and Rummy. He was a big enough winner for Rummy to go top. Played Neil.

    Cian019 off the mark as well, as The Big Getaway looks a nice horse for the big bumpers.

    The Big Getaway 11.10
    Blue Sari 11.3
    Faugheen 11.6
    Notebook 23.4
    Saldier 32.8

    Red Rum 77Red Rum 77
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    Hi everybody, mum’s funeral is still pending and I’ve really enjoyed myself reading this site. :heart:

    I think I’m getting a nose bleed here :wacko: Never been so high in a contest since winning VTC’s TRF vs Pricewise 2016 which was extremely lucky :good:

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    Sorry to hear about your mum Red Rum :( Congratz on hitting the top of the TTF standings

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Now to stay there Neil, Saldier a nice one.

    Red Rum 77Red Rum 77
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    Thanks Euroalien, noticed that you’re a new comer on here, so wish you best of luck, but more important than that hope we can call ourselves friends.

    One serious point is always bet within your means, it’s nice to have a winner but you should prepare yourself for a losing streak. I do everytime and that’s coming from experience.

    Bob you’re too kind but I’m most like be here today gone tomorrow leader. ;-)

    On a serious note was pleasantly surprised by Saldier’s performance and while I included him for the champion hurdle it was more hope than confident. After today’s performance it’s grown more solid. Will be backing for CH at Cheltenham now. :heart: :heart: :heart:

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    Thanks Red Rum. Very kind of you…. I would be happy call you a friend.

    I remember growing up in England, going racing with my dad, enjoying a few good winners and plenty of unlucky losers :scratch: Your advice is appreciated and very true indeed.

    Saldier will score plenty of points for you this season I’m sure. I can only hope Klassical Dream will be better for this run. :unsure:


    Red Rum 77Red Rum 77
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    I don’t to do a “Potato” here and dominate the forum, Bobby got patience but I want to keep on his “and everybodys” good side.

    Was considering Klassical Dream myself in my ten, and I might still bring him in at the transfer stage but I thought until the unfortunate incident with the pre-season favourite for the Champion Hurdle whose name escapes me (sorry) . That KD was heading for the chasing stars, myself. What I’ve no doubt on is both will improve for that run and next time it might be KD turn to win. B-)

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    Sorry to hear your sad news RedRum. Well played in the comp, hope you can keep up the gallop.

    Great gesture Gord – thanks for that

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    As we said in the Lounge Neil bet your mum would be chuffed you see you leading this comp up to Christmas :heart:
    Now you have to stay there and win Gord’s £50 generous offer. Well done for great start and of course thinking of you at this sad time..Jac :rose:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    I think most people will be rooting for you here Neil, well maybe just for the £50 lol

    Agreed David and Jac, yet another great gesture from Gord, I Almost hope he wins it………but not quite lol.

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Another good day for Rummy, as Defi Du Seuil stretches his lead at the top.

    Highflyer, who had both Defi and Battleoverdoyen, bursts out of the pack into second.

    Well done everyone on that pair, as there were a few of you.

    I finally got up and running, thanks to Midnight Run at Cork.

    Battleoverdoyen 21.3
    Defi Du Seuil 26.8
    Midnight Run 12.9

    Red Rum 77 118.40
    Highflyer1 108.50
    EuroAlien 97.00
    The Ante-Post King 93.50
    Dactylographer 81.50
    Jackh1092 75.30
    Steve75 74.60
    GDC 70.10
    MarkTT 64.20
    Botchy1 60.20
    Lemons68 59.90
    FinalFurlong91 59.30
    BigG 59.20
    007CanfordCliffs 54.60
    Nenni 54.50
    Thehorsesmouth 54.40
    Steely Dan 53.80
    All Jeff 49.20
    Autumnal 46.80
    Roosterbooster 43.90
    John Gooch 43.80
    Wyldesyde 43.60
    Ham 43.00
    PeterH 43.00
    Mike007 42.60
    Aaronizneez 39.20
    Nathan Hughes 38.70
    Cormack15 38.20
    Titus Oates 37.50
    JAMIEDB9007 32.80
    Triptych 32.70
    Coops72 32.30
    Hot Fuss 32.30
    Kris 32.30
    TheKryptonFactor 32.20
    Greenasgrass 27.80
    Inthestream 27.60
    KevMc 27.50
    Fantastic Fair Along 27.40
    Rob North 23.20
    Middle of March 22.60
    Diamond Geezer 22.40
    Buckers 16.20
    Grey Desire 16.20
    Peejayuk 16.20
    Shotta Sheriff 16.10
    Vautour 16.10
    Tonge 14.90
    Venture to Cognac 12.90
    Rocky91 12.60
    Waroftheroses 11.90
    Goodfellow 11.20
    Cian019 11.10

    Top Horses
    Saldier 32.8
    Vinndication 27.8
    Janika 27.3
    Defi Du Seuil 26.8
    Fusil Raffles 26.4
    Notebook 23.4
    Real Steel 21.6
    Battleoverdoyen 21.3
    Reserve Tank 16.6
    Lostintranslation 16.2
    Santini 16.1
    Fakir D’Oudairies 14.9
    Honeysuckle 13.2
    Midnight Run 12.9
    Elixir D’Ainay 12.6
    Chuvelo 11.9
    Windsor Avenue 11.9
    Andy Dufresne 11.8
    Faugheen 11.6
    Champ 11.4
    Brewinupastorm 11.4
    Ribble Valley 11.3
    Blue Sari 11.3
    Envoi Allen 11.2
    The Big Getaway 11.1

    No Runners Monday November 18th

    Red Rum 77Red Rum 77
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    Just caught up with today’s racing. First seemed like a very good day for us in half of them races. I’m glad you’re off the mark, Bobby. You most of all deserve it :good: .Second my horse won but, apart from me, know that’s good news for a few as I’m not the only participant to include him in their ten. Hard luck to those with Politologue in their list especially those who starred him, however we all know it’s swings and roundabouts. :whistle: Same goes for Inthestream who had today’s runner in the Bonus race.

    Only 2 bonus races gone and nobody has benefited, yet. Next bonus is next week and it’s all to play for. Good luck everybody.

    Hi Jac thanks for the support. Mum apart from National never bet and then it’s a quid each way but with the National it was the occasion, not the money that counted. I like to think that it wasn’t the gambling part which she approved of, but support for her son. In the early 80’s as a young man I betted outside my means backing anything and usually walking home broke and a bit depressed. Those days helped me more than I know at the time, it taught me that nothing is guarantee and to only bet money that I won’t miss. Dad use to bet, but never over did it, although I can’t confirm this we never went short money wise. However he grew out of love with the game well before his death. I can’t I’m hooked on it, it’s my only pleasure in life and I really enjoy racing for the entertainment only. Although getting a few quid for your pleasure is a bonus ;-) . Now with the internet it opens my world to you lovely people and that’s one good thing about it. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Really liked Ginger’s version of ten to follow, I’d get into a muddle organising a competition but like competing, but my love lies with the National Hunt in especially staying chasers. Speaking of ten to follow may enter the original version next week, if they allow a team effort then I would be honoured to be included if one is set up here. Will keep reading this forum in the meantime and be entertained by some people’s comments. :rose: :heart: B-) :yahoo: :yahoo: B-) :heart: :rose: :good:

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    Rummy that came straight from the heart and wise words indeed.
    Keep bashing in those winners and cheer home Bristol De Mai for me next week in the Bonus race he’s my star horse and love him to bits :heart:
    I ll be in residence behind the sofa hoping he comes home safe win or lose. Jac :rose:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    with the internet it opens my world to you lovely people and that’s one good thing about it.   

    So true Neil and it adds an extra dimension to the races, when I watch a horse win like brave little Defi getting out of the pocket and blasting up the hill past the bigger horses it’s an extra little kick if you know someone on here has been talking up their case on the big races thread or has him in their TTF.

    Well done on him and Saldier and enjoy the view fron the top of leaderboard. Sorry to hear about your mum. Strength to you for the next few weeks and months. It’s tough isn’t it. The Grand National was always a big thing in our house but I don’t know if I will get to watch another one with my mum. Watched some of Cheltenham with her yesterday in the palliative care ward where she was moved to last week. Her telly hadn’t been working and she got the hospital repairman who fixed it to be sure that ITV and ITV4 were tuned in OK. (She switched it off when the minister hove into sight for a pastoral care visit, not sure the church approves of racing on a Sunday, luckily we discovered after that ITV4+1 also working ;-) ).

    Roll on next weekend and more TTF points at stake, I don’t have Jac’s darling Bristol de Mai in my ten but will cheer him on anyway :good:

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