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    Venture to Cognac
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    Great day for Alien who landed the opener with Shishkin, along with Titus, Dac, John, and Coops.

    The day was topped off with star horse Honeysuckle landing The Mares, at the expense of loads of you on Benie Des Dieux.

    Kildisart got a few points for Tonge, who also got consolation points along with Steve, ITS, and PJ, thanks to Fakir D’oudairies.

    Tibbsburge had a big return from Epatante, while I got slightly less from Galvin.

    Benie Des Dieux 8
    Epatante 52.7
    Fakir D’oudairies 12
    Galvin 8
    Honeysuckle 41.9
    Kildisart 8
    Shishkin 46.8

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    Love my Honeysuckle :yahoo:

    Venture to Cognac
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    Some nice scores yesterday, including Politologue who landed the Bonus Race and double points for Buckers, being his star horse, and same again for Jeff with Champ in The RSA.

    Not a Bonus Race, but Envoi Allen has been a fantastic star horse for Diamond Geezer.

    Champ 54.50
    Dynamite Dollars 12
    Envoi Allen 40.40
    Minella Indo 12
    Politologue 56.30
    Tiger Roll 12

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    Thanks for all your hard work updating the standings daily!

    Venture to Cognac
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    No major moves today, loads of you having Min and Samcro, who were the big winners.

    Dolcita 8
    Melon 8
    Min 52.70
    Ronald Pump 12
    Samcro 43.60
    The Storyteller 8

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    Somebody’s gonna get gold cup points anyway- all 12 runners picked by at least one person!

    The Ante-Post King
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    Only one persons going to get double points on winner though greenasgrass.. Delta Work.. B-)

    Venture to Cognac
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    Euroalien continues to romp ahead, and he was the biggest benefactor from Al Boum Photo.

    Plenty of you scoring bonus points from Santini, while Kris had a great score from Monkfish

    Al Boum Photo 53.7
    Monkfish 43.8
    Santini 12

    Venture to Cognac
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    Quiet enough Saturday, but McFabulous provides Fair Along and Titus with a nice winner.

    McFabulous 27.5

    Venture to Cognac
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    Well, not quite the big finish to the season we’re used to, but in current circumstances, I’m just glad that we’re done for the season.

    Last winner of the season was Bachasson for myself, and in keeping with Competiton Rules, in the event of the season finishing early, whoever picks the last winner, gets to pocket all of the cash. Worth a try.

    Apologies for the delay in updates the last week, but there seemed little point in speculating over what was going to happen, and I’ve been very, very busy at work the last week or so.

    Even allowing for the premature end to the season, it’s still a whopping score from EuroAlien, who is a fantastic winner, and the decision, to not only go with Honeysuckle, but also make her star horse, made a huge difference. Very well played.

    I’m delighted to see TAPK make it into second, as he’s a regular donator to the prize fund, and it’s great to see him win his own cash lol. Thanks again Gord, and very well played.

    In third place we have Hot Fuss, who is rock solid in the comps. He and Rocky finish the season with the biggest ever score in this, with Pic D’Orhy.

    Lots of people to thank as usual, and as is now traditional, first thanks goes to Aaronizneez. I’ve actually did no too bad the last two comps, and haven’t called on his IT help too much, but not so this year. I had to call on his help several times, and he’s got the patience of a Saint. He actually changed his E-Mail address several times, but I still tracked him down lol. Lee, many many thanks.

    As ever, thanks to everyone who donated prize money, and I hope I haven’t missed anyone. If anyone who hasn’t paid yet is in any kind of trouble with recent events, please let me know. Many, many thanks to…..









    Nathan Hughes


    Red Rum 77

    The Antepost King

    I hope everyone enjoyed it, and thanks for taking part.

    I hope you and all your families stay safe, at this brutal time, and best wishes.

    Alien & Hot Fuss, I’ll be in touch next 48 Hours at the latest.


    1st EuroAlien 758.30

    2nd The Ante-Post King 637.40

    3rd Hot Fuss 626.20

    Roosterbooster 598.60
    GDC 595.40
    Nathan Hughes 568.50
    Red Rum 77 566.20
    Lemons68 537.00
    Steely Dan 531.30
    Buckers 522.20
    Mike007 516.90
    Coops72 516.60
    Goodfellow 511.90
    Shotta Sheriff 508.20
    Middle of March 501.80
    Wyldesyde 500.00
    007CanfordCliffs 494.10
    Titus Oates 479.30
    Thehorsesmouth 476.30
    Botchy1 475.80
    Cormack15 473.80
    FinalFurlong91 471.00
    Kris 464.80
    Dactylographer 456.80
    All Jeff 452.50
    KevMc 451.80
    John Gooch 451.50
    Nenni 444.60
    Ham 439.50
    Highflyer1 425.10
    Tibbsburge 420.20
    Aaronizneez 405.90
    Diamond Geezer 404.60
    Jackh1092 401.50
    Fantastic Fair Along 401.00
    Vautour 398.10
    Inthestream 392.00
    MarkTT 380.40
    Waroftheroses 369.90
    Tonge 365.20
    JAMIEDB9007 357.50
    Steve75 345.40
    Triptych 342.90
    Peejayuk 320.60
    PeterH 316.20
    Autumnal 304.40
    BigG 296.80
    TheKryptonFactor 296.00
    Greenasgrass 288.40
    Cian019 264.00
    Grey Desire 259.40
    Rocky91 174.10
    Venture to Cognac 125.90
    Rob North 89.80

    Top Horses
    Honeysuckle 133.2
    Pic D’Orhy 118.2
    Delta Work 108.9
    Envoi Allen 104.3
    Champ 82.5
    Defi Du Seuil 81.0
    Notebook 80.5
    Santini 80.1
    Min 79.2
    Paisley Park 72.9
    Al Boum Photo 70.0
    Sharjah 68.2
    Lostintranslation 68.1
    Faugheen 66.2
    Politologue 56.3
    Clan Des Obeaux 55.6
    Carefully Selected 54.3
    Fakir D’Oudairies 54.1
    Epatante 52.7
    Fury Road 49.8
    Battleoverdoyen 47.6
    Shishkin 46.8
    Monkfish 43.8
    Samcro 43.6
    Slate House 40.3
    Cyrname 39.9
    Ballyandy 39.9
    Ok Corral 35.3
    Mister Malarky 33.7
    Andy Dufresne 33.3
    Saldier 32.8
    Benie Des Dieux 30.1
    A Plus Tard 29.5
    If The Cap Fits 28.6
    Thomas Darby 27.9
    Vinndication 27.8
    Janika 27.3
    Apples Jade 27.1
    Frodon 27.0
    Chacun Pour Soi 27.0
    Fusil Raffles 26.4
    Bristol De Mai 24.0
    Ribble Valley 23.9
    Minella Indo 23.3
    Chuvelo 23.2
    The Big Getaway 22.4
    Melon 22.1
    Real Steel 21.6
    Definitly Red 21.5
    Ramses de Teillee 21.4
    Altior 21.3
    Quel Destin 21.3
    Native River 21.3
    Midnight Shadow 19.7
    Dolcita 19.7
    Bigbadandbeautiful 17.1
    Reserve Tank 16.6
    Captain Moirette 15.3
    Milvale 15.3
    Master Tommytucker 14.7
    Bachasson 13.6
    Getabird 13.4
    Laurina 13.2
    Midnight Run 12.9
    Elixir D’Ainay 12.6
    Unwin VC 12.3
    McFabulous 39.7
    Ettila De Sivola 12.1
    Mister Coffey 12.1
    Spiritofthegames 12.0
    Monalee 12.0
    Kemboy 12.0
    Dynamite Dollars 12.0
    Tiger Roll 12.0
    Ronald Pump 12.0
    Windsor Avenue 11.9
    Windsor Avenue 11.9
    Lamarckise 11.5
    Wishing and Hoping 11.5
    Brewinupastorm 11.4
    Cloudy Glen 11.4
    Chantry House 11.4
    Blue Sari 11.3
    Allaho 11.2
    Galvin 8.0
    Kildisart 8.0
    The Storyteller 8.0

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    WD Euroalien, fab score! Honeysuckle is gorgeous and did you proud, inspired choice. WD TAPK and HotFuss too.

    Thanks as always VtC and hope work settles down a bit for you. Till next season everybody… :rose:

    Nathan Hughes
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    Brilliant selection with Honeysuckle, Euroalien, well done on winning
    The legend that is TAPK came 2nd I heard he made a small 7 figure profit at Cheltenham
    Thanks as always Bobby, your efforts are much appreciated and you will be pleased to know that in my time of being housebound I am setting up online banking with my internet only bank card. You can never be too careful.. :rose:

    Member since March 2008
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    Thanks! I’m honestly still in shock that I won this competition! :yahoo: This competition was one of the reasons I joined The Racing Forum, just hoping to not embarrass myself, along with finding a friendly forum to share my passion for horse racing. Honeysuckle did better than I expected and I’m very glad I had faith in her.

    Thanks to VTC for all the hard work in running this contest. :good: I’m sure it takes a lot of time keeping things straight and calculating scores. Congratulations to both TAPK & Hot Fuss for finishing in the top three.

    Thanks again to everyone for making me feel welcome here too! 🙂

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    First Class Euro and that had to be the best pick of any horse in the competition
    with Honeysuckle, what a nap that was :good:

    Great to see you back in here TAPK and little has changed with you banging in the
    ante post belters as before. I hope the bookies paid dearly for that :good:

    Hot Fuss, it would be an odd competition without you in the top 3, so well done
    yet again :good:

    Thanks again Bobby (VTC) for putting in the hard work yet again running this one.
    Slate House and Bennie des Dieux aside, I had a bit of a shocker but enjoyed it
    a geat deal. I hope you’re keeping on with this one next year, it would be a strange
    TRF without it.

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    Well done Euro, and VTC for keeping the show on the road.

    John Gooch
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    Hello to everyone

    My sentiments have just about been covered by earlier posts.

    From my own point of view I just hope this awful virus is under
    control. to allow for another competition in the future and we all
    survive to take part.

    The results are not important in the long run and I have to say
    in the two competitions that I have taken part in, I have enjoyed every minute.

    Once again all the best of health to everyone :bye:

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    :yahoo: Well done Euro :yahoo: well deserved winner of this competition and perhaps you could commission an oil painting of yourself and Honeysuckle to hang at Euro Towers..we’ll all be there for the unveiling.. not much else going on at the moment but as with John’s sentiments above let’s all come back later in the year and do it all again. :good:

    Also congratulations to TAPK how great to see you back Gord and what a great score. :good: along with Hot Fuss who has been on fire in all the competitions on here. :good: :good:

    Finally a big thank you to Bobby and Aoronineez (sorry if spelt that wrong) for getting this all together and for all the time he has put into it and thinking that just when he thought he was going to put his feet up for the season he is now helping us all fight the biggest threat to life as we know it so…. a big shout out to Bobby and all his colleagues…🌈🌈🌈 Jac :rose:
    PS… Bobby I have backed Bristol De Mai EW in the Virtual Grand National and am actually going to enjoy watching this one. :heart:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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