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    Outlined below are the award winners in the 2008 Racing Forum Awards. Unfortunately there is no TRF equivalent of the Oscar or Golden Globe but I will try to track down all the winners by email and let them know they’ve won!

    Thanks to all who voted and to the ‘Southern Contingent’ for sparking it off with their nominations listing.

    <b>Forumite of the Year </b>- GRAYSONS COLUMN (very narrowly by one vote from gallant runner up Fist Of Fury)
    <b>Flat Horse </b>- Zarkava
    <b>Flat Jockey</b> – Johnny Murtagh
    <b>Flat Trainer</b> – Aidan O’Brien
    <b>Jumps Horse</b> – Denman
    <b>Jumps Jockey</b> – AP McCoy
    <b>Jumps Trainer</b> – Paul Nicholls
    <b>Ride of the Year </b>- Kevin Manning for New Approach in the Derby
    <b>Racecourse of the Year</b> – Goodowood (just pipped Sandown)
    <b>Owner of the Year</b> – Princess Haya (might have trouble with that email)
    <b>One to Watch for 2009</b> – Rhys Flint
    <b>Commentator of the Year</b> – Richard Hoiles
    <b>Journalist of the Year </b>- Sir Clement Freud
    <b>Broadcaster of the Year</b> – Clare Balding
    <b>Villain of the Year</b> – Dean McKeown
    <b>Hero of the Year</b> – Anthony Knott

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    Congratulations! Jeremy. Well deserved win from a top class poster :wink:

    Merry Xmas to all!!! Have a great time with your families and loved ones.

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    Well done Jeremy in winning the "big one" by a short head in a driving finish with Fists.

    We will have to call you Kauto now as you aim for the hat trick next year.

    Well done to Fists for putting up a spirited fight. two very contrasting performers there.

    Also well done to Richard for his double in the commentator section – the manner of his win more akin to Master Minded at Cheltenham – and he demolished a high class field in the process.

    And Corm – I’m afraid even my contact book doesn’t extend to Princess Haya’s contact details but if you want Mr McKeown’s (or any of the others) details drop me a PM.

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    Nice one GC!

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    Congrats to both Jeremy and Fists.

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    Well done Jeremy for consistently high quality posting and well argued opinion over the year.

    Credit to Fists for playing the ‘refined Mr Angry’ on the forum over the year.

    Well done to Richard Hoiles, head and shoulders above the others in his class. He communicates as much information and insight as possible in the most concise manner, and uses a sharp wit sparingly but effectively.

    AP McCoy, once again in a different league to the other jump jockeys, and that’s no insult to the rest. His performance on apparently unwilling Cooldine Lad at Carlisle recently was of the highest order.


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    I was delighted to see Kevin Manning pick up the Ride of the Year award. It can be a bit obvious to award that to the winner of what is the highest profile race of the year but on this occasion it was throughly justified. Under what is likely top have been intense pressure ‘backstage’, given the circumstances, on a horse unproven at the trip with a history of being a difficult customer to settle and one for whom the preliminaries represented a potentially major obstacle Manning rode an excellent race, illustrating for those of us on this side of the Irish Sea who don’t see him that often what a top class rider he is.

    Gazs Way De SolzenGazs Way De Solzen
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    Well done to everyone who won their respective awards.

    Well done to Jeremy too who continues to produce posts of enthusiasm with excellent depth.

    Maxilon 5Maxilon 5
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    Congratulations, Jeremy! A shrewd decision by the members. And nice to see the hard working and refreshingly forthright Fists of Fury get some praise at last.

    Merry christmas and a happy new year all. :D

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    Congrats Jeb and Fister

    Couldn’t have happened to two nicer fellas :D

    I look forward to Dean McKeown’s acceptance speech

    Neil Watson
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    Well done Jeremy.

    Keep up the fine work on here and indeed in Racing Ahead.

    Also Sir Clement for one of the more intelligent writers in the Post and sometimes he even mentions racing in them.

    Also Richard Hoiles for keeping up a high standard of commentary wether it be at the big Festivals to just one of the run of the mill midweek fodder.

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    Great result, just showing the diversity of this forum! Cogratulations to gc and a well deserved runner up in Mr Fist..Princess Haya deserves her award for that beautiful smile alone [and she does some pretty serious stuff on the world stage also; a truly lovely lady].

    dave jay
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    Well done JC and Fist, the only award really worth having .. :D

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    I look forward to Dean McKeown’s acceptance speech

    "Psst! What to buy any tips?"

    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    Well done Mr Grayson and Fist, I look forward to reading more of both your posts 2009.

    Member since March 2008
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