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    The best poets in the world seem to restrict their efforts to public urinals only.

    How many times have you marched into the bogs, got on with your business and laughed at a bit of graffiti?

    I did so many a time in Dublin last week – here are two of my favourites

    Rage Against The Latreen – ****

    you! I wont p**s

    where you tell me!

    Anybody can p**s

    on the floor – be a hero and s**t

    on the ceiling.

    Any more crackers?


    dave jay
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    ‘It’s no good standing on the seat,<br>the crabs in here can jump six feet,<br>It’s no good going in the one next door,<br>The Ba$turds in there can fly.’

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    One that will always stick with me.

    "My mother made a me mysoginist!"

    To which someone had added.

    "If I gave her the wool, would she make one for me?"

    Nice to have you back, Simon.

    What were you doing in Dublin?


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    All the ale-houses I went to in Bavaria a few years ago had blackboards and chalk in the lavatories, so you could scrawl something profound and witty for the temporary pleasure of all fellow drinkers that evening if you so chose…..

    …..except most of the comments had been applied by egregoius, ignorant Oxbridge rugger boys on beery weekends and invariably were of the format <person in group> has sex with <parent / another man / livestock (delete where applicable)> . Sigh, some people just shouldn’t be granted passports.


    The patron saint of lower-grade fare. A gently critical friend of point-to-pointing. Kindness is a political act.

    Irish Stamp
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    Welcome back Kotkijet.

    Will be looking out for more of these gems of grafitti genius in the future.

    Can’t really think of anything i’ve seen right now :(


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    Welcome back Simon.  Good to see you.

    Um… the worst graffiti I have ever seen was in a toilet in Christchurch, Dorset.  I’d already perched by the time it caught my eye.  It read:

    "Shelley Woz Ere – Avin’ Sex – 18/10/04"

    Which was nasty enough.  Until I realised that the date that day was 18/10/04.


    lollys mate
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    London underground toilet when I was about 10.

    Here I sat,<br> Broken hearted,<br> Paid my penny, <br> And only farted!

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