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    At the end of week 1 of the pre-season campaign several players have set their stall out in no uncertain fashion and, already, a few of the contestants look booked for a place in the elite Premiership.

    Grey Desire and Johnny B both tipped a 20/1 winner while Manugirl, Aldebrook and Roland all went for 16/1 winner Admiral. Letsgetracing also made a great start with a pair of 7/1 winners.

    Still plenty to play for over the final two weeks of the pre-season training camp however with only one good winner separating most of the competitors from a place in the top league.

    Outlined below are current standings, with the League line-ups as they currently stand at the minute. Note that those players from Adrian downwards are players who registered for the competition but didn’t make any selections yesterday. They will be able to continue to play but, as with any other players in the future, failure to post selections will result in that player being credited with five unsuccessful selections.

    Tipping Premiership – Current Standings

    (Current qualifiers for Premiership)<br>1 Grey Desire           21.5<br>2 JohnnyB                16<br>3 Manugirl                14.375<br>4 Roland                  13.227<br>5 Alderbrook            12<br>6 LetsGetRacing       11<br>7 Rory                      0.5<br>8 Jairducochetfan     0.5<br>9 Xanderkir              0<br>10 FanciedHorseLayer-0.398

    <br>(Current Qualifiers for Championship)<br>11 Ricky Lake           -0.5<br>12 Cybermum           -0.5<br>13 Michael Walsh     -2.375<br>14 Perry                   -3.167<br>15 Racing Daily         -3.273

    (Currently not qualified)<br>16 Jaslang                -5<br>16 LRM                      -5<br>16 Daylight                -5<br>16 David Brady          -5<br>16 Grimes                  -5<br>16 Artemis                 -5<br>16 Ultimate Nightmare -5<br>16 Bob Rolf                 -5<br>16 Slipperytoad          -5<br>16 Ken1                      -5<br>16 Cormack15             -5<br>16 Alexander              -5<br>16 Eddy7                    -5<br>16 Anne7                    -5<br>16 Kevin                      -5<br>16 Caravan                 -5<br>16 The Wizard             -5<br>16 Irsheyez                 -5<br>16 Adrian                     -5<br>16 Celtic OK                -5<br>16 Nixer                      -5<br>16 corma67                -5<br>16 Aranalade              -5<br>16 Defector                 -5<br>16 War Admiral           -5<br>16 Aston                     -5<br>16 Zagreb                   -5

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