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    Funny after Spencer was beaten on Sariska and was having a sulk about it and Thompson kept on. Eventually Spencer’s snaps: ‘got beat, Derek,’ before storming off. Hope that goes on youtube.
    I love seeing odds on get turned over.

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    i wunt get 2 used to it pal sariska will be back dont worry about that

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    I don’t doubt it, but it LOST today.

    phil walker
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    Would have loved to have seen Spencer storming off, always thought he liked himself too much and good to see him brought down to earth

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    Poor show from Spencer.

    It wasn’t as though it was his fault and he had nothing else to be angry about other than simply ‘getting beat’…..unless Thommo tele-tipped it in the morning :lol: Now that would be funny!

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    I’m not a fan of Jamie Spencer in any way, shape or form, but I’m fairly sure I’d be p*ssed off were I confronted by Derek Thompson asking ‘so, what went wrong?’ immediately after defeat in a race I expected to win comfortably.

    Full of himself or not, he shouldn’t have to suffer the incompetence of the hapless arm of C4’s production, nor be lambasted for taking exception to the same’s moronic approach.

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    Don’t think Thommo did anything wrong. It was Spencer who came across poorly. Perhaps he forgot that his wife earns her pocket money from Channel 4.

    no idea
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    I do not think he would be bothered about his wife and her earnings from Channel 4 as I would imagine he is a millionaire already as she probably is and her parents are from the LEGAL gambles they have landed over the years.

    It just seems to ne he gets beat on too many horses he shoud win on and slowy but surely his rides will dry up as trainers and owners realise he is not as good as he the horse racing press make him out to be.

    Personally I avoid him like swine flu!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thomo is a prat, i begging for Spencer too tell him where to go live on air, Mrs Spencer will have too stick with the day job after Sariskas hormone induced subpar performance.

    I suspect connections wont be listening too "goodbye argentina" :twisted:

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    A mountain out of a molehill, who wouldn’t be disappointed after just getting off a horse that’s just been beaten at a short price in a G1, obviously some of you Spencer knockers would be happy as larry in a similar situation and missed his 20 minute live interview on RUK prior to racing :?:

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    In my opinion, Jamie Spencer is a top class jockey – one of the finest in the country and a joy to watch at his best.

    However, his curt response to a simple question can be only be described as rather petulant and defensive, bordering on the paranoid.

    I’m sure he would have been all too accommodating if his filly had cruised to another impressive victory.

    With all due respect to connections of the winner – John Gosden is always a joy to listen to – I’m sure most Channel Four viewers were far more interested in what happened to the odds-on favourite and Jamie Spencer would have known more than Michael Bell at that particular time.

    You can’t blame the affable Tommo. The guy was just doing his job and he didn’t exactly approach in a confrontational manner.

    You have to take the rough with the smooth and maintain the same level of dignity in success and failure – not take your ball (or saddle) and go home.

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    I think everyone is being a little unfair on Jamie in this respect. You don’t see Nasser Hussain walking back to the dressing room with one of the cricketers after they’ve got out asking for an immediate response, or Motty popping up with a question to Wayne Rooney after he’s missed a glorious chance. So why should a jockey be expected to speak to the media before he’s had a chance to reflect on the defeat, or reached a conclusion with connections. I’m sure he didn’t mean to be rude, but just could not believe she had got beat, as it seems she is the best horse that he’s ridden.

    % MAN
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    Despite being one of the vilified media I have to say, personally, I don’t like the ad-hoc interviews with jockeys as they return to the winners enclosure.

    I believe the riders first priority is to report back to connections.

    However once they have reported back then they are “fair game” to be approached and asked for their views.

    So from the point of view of yesterdays race it was right to ask the questions that were asked, it is just the timing I have an issue with.

    It should also be pointed out that one of the possible reasons given by Bell after the race, namely that she had come into season during the race, is something Spencer would not have been aware of – ergo the jockey is not always the best person to ask for an explanation.

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    Spencer gave an honest reply. I am not a big fan of him but he told it straight.

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    Paul as a matter of interest what media do you work for or if you are freelance in what publication can I read your musings?

    Neil Watson
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    Robert Thornton never talks to the TV people after winning a big race and maked it his first priority to speak to the owners and the trainers after a winning ride.

    Every jockeys first duty is to the owner and trainer and not some smug git who comes over to them with a microphone to ask "How does that feel" and "You must be pleased with that"

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    The standard of interviewers is so poor. ‘How do you feel?’ is simply the worst question ever. All you get is the same answer over and over again.

    I’m no Spencer fan but I don’t see what Spencer did wrong exactly, nor Thommo. Spencer wasn’t rude and gave an honest and frank answer, no BS, and I like that.

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