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    Been working to this system ( approx 4 months)..If i don’t win the race i normally get a good run for my money & it is showing a decent profit @ the end of each week…..Hard for you to believe so i’ll post for a week & lets see how i get on….still room for improvement but going very well @ mo

    7.50 Young Scotton 1pt

    6.50 Twinned 1/3 pt
    8.20 Whaston 1/3 pt…Not sure on this but put it up just in case it does win
    9.20 Buscador 1/3pt

    Total 2pts laid out

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    Welcome cleandries.

    Good luck for tonight.

    Regards – Matron

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    SUNDAY 27th

    1.55 Ski Sinday
    3.35 Having A Ball
    4.05 Mogok Ruby
    4.40 Sahf London

    1pt on each

    As you can see all my races are H’caps, the system does work for the jumps too but the flat is more consistant & have to draw the line somewhere

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    The general idea on this part of the forum is to openly discuss systematic approaches to betting. It would be helpful if you could describe your methods of selection.

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    Hello…The way i look @ it, what’s the point on whaffling on about how something is works if it goes & lets me down this week….Once proven that’s it still as good as its been up to now then i” go in to more depth….
    Im sure non of ye are backing these anyway & the results are all that matters….Not being rude here

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    That was very stressful yesterday as i changed my mind on the last two races from the winners…You know what they say never change your mind…lol..very stressful….lol

    MONDAY 28th
    Anyway this lot today will sort the men out from the boys

    W 2.10 Cow Girl
    K 2.20 Medieval Maiden
    K2.50 Bold Diva
    W 3.10 Meiitation
    K 3.20 Millfield
    K 3.50 Ricci De Mare
    W 4.10 Xpres Maite
    K 4.50 Orpsie Boy
    W 5.10 Fenners

    9 pts laid out

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    Sorry but by doing what exactly?

    You state you changed your mind and missed some winners but if you are testing a system surely there is no changing of minds as any horse is either in your system or not?

    The only way you will ever find if you have found any sort of profitable system is to stick to it for a given period of time.

    Artemis and others have a good grasp of system betting and if you actually told us all what the method involved others could possible assist you.

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    Hi Seagull…..There does be a few races where two horses can be thrown up @ me & i usually wait nearer to the off before i decide…..I find watching the markets on the exchanges tells me alot of important info….
    I haven’t got off to the start i wanted but made an error yesterday twice & if you go by the SP’s of todays two winners it only lost 1pt where the earlier prices made up for yesterday!!……
    But for the record im 5pts down since i started posting which is absolutely nothing as i know for a fact i will deliver the goods again before long….
    Today was an extremely bad day only 2 winners out of 9 ponies & i take it on the chin…Im backing all of these & im NOT messing around here….

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    Yesterdays SP’s returned a 1pt loss, but both winners were much BIGGER earlier in the day..

    TUESDAY 29th
    I haven’t got a great feel for the flat horses @ Southwell, but having said that i had a good feel yesterday….lol…. & another two of them should have won only for jockeys leaving it too late or no gap appearing @ the crucial moment etc….

    1.30 Blue Hills
    2.30 Silver Hotspur
    3.30 Cerebus……Changed my view from Tilsworth Castle ( lets see )
    4.30 Dads Mush

    I never backed over the jumps yesterday but a few winners were thrown up again including 6/1 shot….So i will post selections also but NO money on them & its just solely to see whether any profit can be made to LS

    2.50 Khazar
    3.20 Tiger Tips Lad
    4.20 Sole Agent

    3.40 Commander Vic
    4.10 The Hairy Lemon

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    Commander Vic was 6/1 & Cerebus 6/4 this morning
    With 3 horses yet to run its 1/2 point up on the day so far

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    Wow…i thought i was going to get done there on the run in….

    fantastic result taken @ 6/1

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    Yep moving up a few gears now 7/2 taken earlier

    One pony left to run….I reckon im on to something …don’t you ??

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    12pts profit today
    less the 5pts down prior to today
    = 7pts profit & there should also be 11/2 & 4/1 winners included only for i changed my mind from on Sunday!!…live & learn the hard way….lol

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    Keep it going Cleandries – once you’ve proven the system I look forward to hearing a bit more about it.

    I don’t understand this bit though –

    there should also be 11/2 & 4/1 winners included only for I changed my mind from on Sunday!!. If your system throws up more than 1 horse why not post up the two of them?

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    Thanks Cormack15
    I learnt a valuable lesson on Sunday which hurt me BIG time when i’d seen the two winners i discarded ….So like i did today i will post up the other horse in the race i was considering aswell as my new fancy….
    AND if both of them are out with the washing…lol….well i’ll hang my head in shame….lol
    I also learnt today that because i wasn’t really happy with my Southwell picks & another 1.5pts could have been saved there had i left it alone, but i kept thinking what if they all win??…so as you can see already im willing to put my neck on the block & GO for it….I play alot of Texas hold em & ive got a bit of a wild streak that won’t give up until i know i haven’t got it….got to dig deep when its not happening….lol

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