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    Welcome back everyone, and a good evening to PETE, MIKE and CRIZZY hope you enjoyed the Adverts :lol: , they sent me to sleep :), i just about managed to get through a riveting day at the Office as well :lol: , thank goodness Taunton was on :D .

    Well resuming on from last night and what i believe are the last two Tournaments to run the rule over.

    Will begin with the final Men’s event and the Telkom PGA.

    Having assisted greatly in increasing the funds in the Vanstone Bank Balance last week :D , James Kingston deserves a chance to follow up, although the Odds are a smidgen less than last week i feel i have to go in again, in the hope that his Momentum from the last round carries over.

    A player who i feel deserves another chance is Anton Haig and he will complete my voting here.

    Finally to the Ladies and the Fields Open, the second leg of the Hawaii swing.

    As above another player who deserves a chance to follow up is Annika, but having put her to room 101 last week i will be doing the same again.

    Not sure what to make of Paula Creamer but it was a satisfactory first outing so i will chance her again.

    The supporting cast will be made up of Angela Park, who but for a bad start could have ended up the Winner, and my Third choice is going to go to Morgan Pressel, the Boca Raton Blonde i believe had a good run in this last year if my Memory serves me correct, that can never be relied upon :lol: .

    Just to show that there are no hard feelings i am going to give Annika some company this week in the shape of Linda Wessberg who as of yet has not Rose to The Occasion, hopefully it is only a matter of time before that get’s put right :) .

    Well that will just about do it for me for now, so as always whatever your picks BE LUCKY.

    Cheers for now.


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    The racing has been dismal this week so far but it won’t be long now until the greatest show on earth :D

    There is no tournament in Europe this week which will save me money and the usual embarrassment of seeing my choices miss the cut so I’m off down to the Sunshine tour in SA to bet in the Telkom PGA and my 2 choices are Charl Schwartz and Anton Haig.

    Unlike Adrian who is an expert with the ladies :wink: I’m still a betting novice when it comes to the ladies golf so it’s more with hope than confidence that I am betting on the Fields open in Hawaii with my choices being Angela Park and Cristie Kerr.

    Good luck.


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