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    He was the most impressive Derby winner I have ever seen. Cauthen was a genius of a jockey…and probably contributed a great deal to modern jockey style.

    A few of us have a horse in training in the Czech republic by Law Society. He ran in Slip Anchor’s derby and had bred some nice horses including for jumping of course.

    It has turned out an amazing Derby for sires. Take a look at these:<br>Slip Anchor<br>Supreme Leader<br>Phardante<br>Theatrical<br>Law Society<br>Damister<br>Llanfranco<br>Petoski too?

    did Shadeed run it it?

    I am sure there are a few more too.

    Just coincidence? I cannot think of another Derby that has produced such good sires in depth but I may be wrong.

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    Shadeed did indeed run in it – carrying the largest bet I’d had in my life up to that point. I still managed to stand and applaud the winner though as he strode home. Very good horse on his day and a fair old Derby in retrospect.

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    I thought Shadeed did run..where did he finish?

    I funnily enough had the largest bet of my life on the flat , in that race; I was teaching and had just got my supply teaching wages (overpaid, teachers; even then!).<br>I had £50 each way on Phardante at 100/1 and 66/1 .

    He finshed 6th. But I got my money back and a bit more when I got 25/1 and 33/1 on him e/w in the St.Leger where he was beaten a short head.

    Certainly does seem a remarkable derby for sires in depth though. Is ther another one like it?

    I still like horses by Phardante when it is muddy. Was Damister the sire of Celtic Swing? And Supreme leaders speak for themselves. I hope we will have the horse that will put Law Society really on the map when ours wins the Velka in 3 years time!:biggrin:

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    In the French Derby of 1984 first three home were Darshaan, Sadlers Wells and Rainbow Quest, now that is some 1-2-3.


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    Indeed.<br>I think there were great horses in those days in depth. Think of Pebbles and Commanche Run and Bob Back too<br>(my brother still owes me £10 000 for the 100/1 he laid me against Bob back winning that when they met. First time I have ever heard a "bookie" refuse to pay out on the grounds that one horse was in season and the other lame!)<br>Oh So Sharp was a great horse of 85 too. Yes  83 84 and 85 were great years for the flat.

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    Quote: from GreenGreenDesert on 11:33 pm on Sep. 6, 2006[br]I thought Shadeed did run..where did he finish?<br>

    <br>13th of 14, pulling too hard for his own good.

    By the way, Oh So Sharp lasted home by three quarters of a length from Phardante in the St Leger.


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    I’m pretty sure that Damister did sire Celtic Swing.

    In fairness though those horses have had more time to prove themselves.  20 years from now we may be looking back and going "look at Sixties Icon, Hala Bek and Mountain’s sires record at Cheltenham".

    I don’t think too many people would have called all those listed as being top class racehorses.

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    The otherwise disappointing stallion, Damister, did indeed sire Celtic Swing, who’s proving a pretty fair stallion considering the limited opportunities he’s received.

    Talking of potential NH sires, it was Tony Morris who forecast a few years ago that Montjeu would become a top jump sire rather than what he’s turned out to be!

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    Its all very well winning these races for babies on the flat but to me they have to prove themselves over jumps.:biggrin: <br>If I owned A Derby winner , I would be thinking:<br>"Wow…I might have myself a champion hurdler here".:o

    Okay lets go forward a little. Commander in Chief. Erhaab. Take your pick.<br>I remeber Tenby and geisway in the aforementioned Derby but I can’t think of one in Erhaab’s that sprngs to mind. So i think as I said that Slip Anchors derby…and therefore performance…was very special. I mean Thetarical and Supreme Leader and Law Society and Shadeed WERE top class….and have bred at least some top class offspring.

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