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    As brilliant a trainer as he is PN is, at times he comes away with statements that would be better suited to a TV sitcom.

    His latest offer: Looking back to Kauto Star’s victories over Long Run at Haydock and Kempton, Nicholls added: "It took him a while to get over his races last year. These two races were like he was when he was at his very best. He was so fresh the next day. He’s a confidence horse and there’s no sign of ageing.

    No sign of ageing?

    Is the man out of his mind or is it me?

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    I think Paul’s comments on the "ageless" Kauto Star are based on Kauto’s great victories this season and his affection towards the horse.

    Kauto has put in some fantastic jumps this season and has been very consistent too (he hasn’t destroyed any fences like he used to) but he isn’t within 10lbs of his peak. He doesn’t have that turn of foot he once had nor does finish races like he used to. However, the OAP version of Kauto we have now is still very much top class based on current opposition.

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    I don’t think PN is out of his mind, Hurdy, and nor are you.( Being a bit picky maybe ) :roll:

    I think PN is just so overjoyed that KS has been looking so fit and fantastic, and running so well this season that he just gets a bit carried away sometimes. And who can blame him!

    After debate about whether it was time to retire the great horse it must be so exciting to see that he’s still got it! 8)

    trapper john
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    i honestly dont think is two runs this season has been far off his best i think his jumping is as good as i have seen him do i agree he dos’nt have the finishing kick of old lets be honest he wouldnt win over two miles now but over a truly run race of three miles still think he is up there with best of them

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    As I’ve made the point in another thread, it’s surely more a statement as to how he is in himself, rather than his racecourse performances. I’m assuming he’s referring to his enthusiasm at home, and not to the fact that he’s the world beater he once was. Surely even you can see that HGM.


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