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The Great Ez-Board Disaster

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    dave jay
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    Some of you may already be aware that the BB ez-board has lost massive amounts of data, since they claimed they were hacked about three weeks ago. This is more likely what happened … this could be another Enron.

    From an ez-member to all communities ..

    EZBoard has once again screwed millions of customers (as usual) and it’s self!

    There is a very good chance that the so called "Hack/Crack" job was not really a Hack/Crak job at all, but a deliberate unloading of memory files!

    Many boards have large archived files as well as current threads in process. Lots of board owners use their boards for storage!

    EZBoard just got tired of having to keep these files safely in storage and just "pulled the plug" on just about everyone here!

    <br>EQ on EZBoard

    EZBoard was designed to accompany the Sony Corporation gamer software EverQuest! And ao until about two years ago, the Everquest Gamers Boards where the bulk of the EZBoard revenues! Unfortunately the EQ Gamers got tired of the bad service and slow servers and funky decisions being given by EZBoard. Most of the EQ boards left EZBoard in droves staring about 2 years ago and headed to their own boards on the WWW, taking with them lots of big bucks!

    <br>ADS on EZBoard

    After reading the many press releases about EZBoard it appears they hyped-up there board and members stats and inflated their account receivable and revenue status by claiming to have millions of active boards and members, when we all know lots of boards are ghost and or never used boards (NOTE YOU ARE NEVER ABLE TO DELETE AN UNUSED BOARD – as this would bring the actual boards totals into a more realistic number!)

    Now, having performed this "Fuzzy Math" (actually fraudulent booking practices) they werea ble to

    1) sell Advertising space (those awful ads that show at the topof any board that has not paid for a Gold Community status) to unspecting clients, who believed the huge numbers and felt their ads whould be seen by millions

    2) this kind of inflated business activity alwo would have and effect on the stock market investors – as they would see EZBoard as a viable and up and coming internet company

    3) outside investor companies would back the <br>EZBoard project with big bucks with the dreams of huge returns on their ventures and speculative investment in the company.

    So far all purposes, EZBoard has been touted LIES and FRAUD for a long time, long before it has trickled down to all of us!

    This explains the calloused disreguard for the loss of entire boards by small time customer s like you and me! (we were just the small time chumps in a much bigger scheme of illegal business practices. – so who really cares, certainly NOT EZBoard!)

    For these any other reasons, I doubt VERY SERIOUSLY if any of this was reported to the FBI! I AM SURE EZBoard Inc. DOES NOT WANT THE FBI taking a look at it’s busineess practices or bookkeeping!) This explains the odd behavior that EZBOARD CEOs/Staff are not able to give out any further details/ info about the situation at this time!


    Put this story on every news forum you know of! Let friends and family know how you were screwed at EZBoard!

    REPORT: to your credit card companies about the lose of funds in the community chest and charged to your credit card – explain in detail about how EZBOARD told you they were Hacked/Cracked (as this is probably a lie)

    CALL: Better Business Bureau in San Francisco Ca. (go to their web site for info – give DETAILS of what happened!

    CONTACT: any federal agencies and make sure they know the story of the supposed EZBoard Hack/Crack and how millions of customes lost money, – important data files, and are now leaving EZBoard Inc. in droves!!!!!!

    GO: check out the FBI crimestoppers site – report the ctime your self- just incase EZBoard FORGOT TO!

    When major investment companies and stock investors hear about this ridiculous stunt that EZBoard has pulled, they will no longer support/back their fraudulant business habits! You may save future customers form the BIG RIPOFF EZBoard is so good at!


    FORGET: the free 6 weeks offer, it is just a token carrot on a stick to luse you to stay around for more abuse!

    RECORD: whether you start a blog or just archive on your new boards make sure you keep accounts and details of this event!

    MOVE: Get yourselves in gear, locate another board (there are many GREAT ones out there FREE and Modrately prices) Invision Free is one of them. Let your members know about the new board and I am sure everyone will want to help with the transistion!

    <br>GOOD LUCK: I opened a board here about 3 years ago, but it has been inactive for over a year, so I did not really lose anything in this horrible event! But I do see the hurt, damage, cost, and fraud experienced by current owners and members – don’t let it happen to you again!


    The more people, companies, agencies, and media outlets that know about this stink the better! As EZBoard Owners will not be able to hide the story – and salvage the mess to continue in the sloppy , irresponsible, and Illegal??? company called EZBoard, INc.!!!


    Vanchau Nguyen, <br>ezboard’s Founder & CEO.

    <br>President & Chief Operating Officer<br>Steven DeMello<br><br>415.773.0400

    <br>The company is backed ( meaning they put up the money to get the company up and running) by Labrador Ventures, Scripps Ventures and Staenberg Venture Partners. Other investors include Kathy Levinson, former President & COO of E*TRADE Group (NASDAQ: ET), Mark Pincus, former Chairman of, and Yosi Amram, President & CEO of Valicert (NASDAQ: VLCT).

    Purple Patch
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    What pub in Prestwick do you drink in?<br>Flanagans, Bonne, Elliots, Cricket Club?<br>’Cos that’s the best written rant I’ve read for ages!!!!

    dave jay
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    I don’t actually drink that much Purple, when I do sally forth it’s usually to the Miner’s Club, just down the road from me.

    How come you know the names of the pubs in Prestwick ?<br>:cool:

    Purple Patch
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    Pass thro’ every day

    dave jay
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    It’s a small and strange world.

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