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    The last races on the card on both days of the Craven meeting both returned over-rounds which are more akin to BAGS meetings than competitive Newmarket handicaps.

    I fear that this will become the pattern for the coming months, squeezing beleagured punters who are trying to ‘get out of trouble’ in the last race.

    It would be interesting to compare this year’s percentages with those of last year(before the changes to SP returns).

    Very little anyone can do about it, except be vigilant.

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    Yes, disgraceful, to follow on from the 152% in the GN, the handicaps at Newmarket last year were 115%, nearly 130% this year.

    This money if it isn’t going to punters should be going to racing rather than make wealthy bookmakers wealthier :angry:

    One thing we can do is don’t bet with bookmakers!

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    dave jay
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    It could be a new system rule .. never bet in the last race at any meeting.

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    Years ago on the forum there was a system being trialled where you laid the favourites in the last races.

    The idea was based on punters trying to back their way out of trouble on the last race and the last race favourites consequently being very bad value.

    I tried it for a while and did make money but got bored with the lack of analysis – systems don’t tend to be my thing.

    Wonder if anybody knows how it would go with today’s exchange markets.

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    …………..Newbury Spring Cup(23 ran) 37% over-round, Pertemps Handicap(14) 29%, Dubai Duty Free Handicap(14) 28%

    As a punter, you might be able to beat these percentages from time to time, but in the long run their relentless effect will defeat even the most disciplined form student.

    "Woe, Woe and thrice woe," sayeth the soothsayer. The warning is clear to all.

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    Yes, a complete rip-off.

    In France, on the other hand, the takeout is actually being reduced(!), so that the overround on all races is just over 17%.

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    Artemis, bookmakers are only for mug punters now.  The goalposts have been moved so many times the punters have no chance.  The arrangement in place between the Big3 and the on course firms is compounded with the changes to the SP system.  Put all these manoeuvres together and it amounts to fraud.

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