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    The old rascal won cosily on the AW last night.

    How is it that he’ll respond to the stick on the flat but it’s never used over hurdles ?

    Gazs Way De Solzen
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    The ratings and quality of the other horses in the field probably made it look better than it was.

    Yes, the other horses in the field were rated higher than him on the flat, but the quality that the horse has in general, he should probably take all the beating in those races.

    Seemed to pick up quite well when asked though, but i would expect him to win those types of races.

    MCFC Stan
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    There is a lot of rubbish written and said about Harchibald ranging from he finds nothing for pressure, won’t get up the hill at Cheltenham, has to be kidded along, can’t hit the front too soon etc etc.
    But if you look at varies races he’s had over the years you’ll see examples when each of those things have been disproved. In my opinion he lost the race to Hardy Eustace because Hardy was the better horse on the day though maybe Carberry did overdo the waiting tactics a bit as well. However he’s got solid grade 1 form over hurdles on good ground and though I’m not saying he’ll definitely win, he’s got to be in there with a live chance given the fact this lot may not be as good as previous years.

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    That’s all very well, and thanks for replying – but what of the whip question ?

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    Having seen the race about an hour ago, it didn’t look to me like the whip had a really significant effect. I was expecting him to quicken away readily for some pressure, but he’s either idled in front or not responded a great deal for the whip. Either way it doesn’t improve my opinion of his attitude to any great extent.

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    Harchibald won that well enough which is good but he wan’t win at Cheltenham. He’s good enough but he has a huge problem.

    Cast your mind back to the CH against HE…..when he wouldn’t go part wasit because he din’t want to or was it because he couldn’t.

    Everyone assumes he wouldn’t.

    He won at Chelters over 2m1f but that was a desparate race and Interslky Falcon was bang out of form at the time………he won that very very easy but that is the only time he has won beyond 2 miles anywhere.

    He’s won races too many times where he has shown he can quicken to say he is a complete rogue IMO

    Could it be in a true run race round Chelteham in CH class he simply does not get the trip?

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    Only time will tell Fist.

    You will probably be hoping that he doesn’t as I recall you having a few shillings on Katchit and Sizing Europe in the Champion Hurdle.

    I believe the Old Boy will see out the trip and get up the hill but we’ll soon find out on 11 March. :lol: :lol:

    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    This is true, I backed Katchit EW a long time ago and Sizing Europe EW shortly afterwards then recenty another EW bet on Afsoun..went nuts on that race have I not :lol: …….however when I wrote a post was mentioning what I thought would be the first 3 it was Sizing Europe Katchit and none other than Harchibald for 3rd so I do have a soft spot for the horse.

    He also cost me dearly when he couldn’t go past Hardy Eustace when 2nd in the Champion Hurdle

    On reflection perhaps the last horse in the world Harchibald would want to be trying to get past at that time was Hardly Eustace. While not the best of Champion Hurdler he was in the same mould as the likes Franchoek who just galloped and galloped and took the sting out of any horse who who had a turn of foot.

    So unlesss Osana is another Hardy Eustace which I sincerely doubt this years renewal could suit Harchibald much better. Personally I think the CH will be a race from the third last and I can’t see Osana taking the field of their feet like Hardy Eustace did. He may go bolting off in front but he may just be there on sufference.

    I have always said at some point Katchit will hit the front and go for home. I think he’s the horse they will all have to catch and Sizing Europe and Harchibald both have the credentials to do that. They both travel well and both have the ability to come their crusing. Which if any can get past Katchit is anyones geuss but for me they are still the the 3 horses most likely to be concerned in the finish……the reason I backed Afsoun and not Harchibald was the huge price and the fact he is a better horse with a more even pace plus the nagging doubts about Harchibald still put me off.

    PS before any Sublimity fans take a dicky fit the HE he beat wasn’t within a 10lbs of the one who beat Harchibald IMO.

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    Fist, I was about to pose the trip question re Harchibald but you beat me to it.

    Yes he stays the trip to a degree but against the top horses at the top level? I’m not so sure, haven’t been for a while which is possibly why he finds nothing up the hill at Cheltenham or under pressure.

    I’ve seen his win on the flat and I don’t think its fair to say the whip had no affect he certainly didn’t stop nor did he seem to have a problem going past horses, there didn’t seem to be any problem in Harchibalds head. That was over twelve furlongs though not over 16 furlongs against top hurdlers up Cheltenham’s daunting hill.

    I couldn’t be having Harchibald to win a Champion hurdle unless it was a desperate race. His cruising speed and class gives him a great chance of being there at the last and running into a place but you have to think at least one horse is going to do him up the hill.

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    I thought at the time that Harchibald ran out of stamina when pipped by Hardy Eustace.
    Since then, both jockey and trainer have expressed the view that he has to be produced in the final strides, a persuasive view for a few of his races, but one that just doesn’t hold water for so much of his form.
    The horse has consistently been found wanting when given a real staying test, and I agree totally with Flash that his Bula win was gained against poor opposition, not least Intersky Falcon who has his own problems getting up the Cheltenham hill, and though the race time is flattering, he can’t maintain it against proper top class 2 milers.
    Maybe he just is a horse who gives everything without driving, and no jockey in world would alter that. Looks sure to be placed again this year, but it will be a poor race imo if he does sneak the win.

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