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    peter .hpeter .h
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    After reading several stable tours and RP reports, we might just be set for perhaps the greatest Charlie Hall ever!

    Diamond Harry
    Time For Rupert

    All being aimed at the race next Saturday. This race is a real favourite of mine and these names really get me excited over what could well be the races finest renewal.

    If i feel up for it i’ll probably make the trip down to see it all pan out… course it’ll mean the 3rd weekend running that i have to endure those road works on the A1 :?

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    Looking like an interesting renewal, can Diamond Harry and Time For Rupert put their respective injuries behind them both are very classy at their best, Nacarat has to have a squeak at a repeat win but wouldnt want too much rain this week.

    A few others with a chance also, Poqelein, Weird Al etc.

    I’m leaning toward Diamond Harry but could be swayed?!

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    I always love this race; a sign that things are getting into gear. Too mnay caveats about each runner to have a bet; I’ll just watch, enjoy, and learn

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    Bet you still have that 10 quid you won when the mare got up.

    Don’t be so stingy have a bet :lol:

    Certainly not a race to get stuck into. Dirty Harry been of for more than a year. Some of PN’s horses are running a bit iffy, Time For Ruper may need the run more than most, Tom George has his moments but gets it wrong more often than he gets it right, Weird Al has been off through injury, Neptune Collonges’s grey is beginning to show which leaves Midnight Chase.

    Talked myself into it I’ll have

    Midnight Chase and Dirty Harry 20p rfc :| and watch like you

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    On Nacarat Ew @ 6/1 and Chicago Grey @ 14/1

    Good luck all.

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    Went to Wetherby for the first time last year to see this race. Was good to see Sam Thomas beat his old boss. Wish I was going this year; what a race to start the season with. Does anyone know how Ollie Magern is getting on after his injury?

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    I haven’t been swayed from thinking Diamond Harry will take this. Took 3/1 earlier in the week, 5/2 best you’ll get now, so look’s like I’m not alone. If you ignore the 2010 RSA when he was pulled up only 3 horses have ever finished in front of him, Micky D, Karabak and Big Bucks.

    Cracking race in prospect but no certainly not one to lump on, and as already stated gives the feel we’re now seriously jumping, can’t wait!

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    Weird Al

    is the value.

    Good young horse whose reputation suffered last term as a result of breathing problems and a burst blood vessel at the Festival.

    If he’s back to somewhere near his best he’ll be competitive for his new yard.

    Watching the action at Wetherby the turf looks to be kicking up a bit – especially on the deeper part of the track – for genuine good going. Cut will suit Weird Al.

    He has to find a little on the ratings – but he’s open to improvement.

    Diamond Harry –

    has to prove fitness and comeback from injury.

    Time For Rupert –

    great reputation but lightly raced and stepping up to Graded company. Most winners of this have already won a Graded chase.

    Poquelin –

    untried and unproven at the trip.

    Nacarat –

    getting on and giving weight all round.

    Chicago Grey –

    short of this class.

    Weird Al

    is the one for me – worth betting each-way at the 14s with Hills. If the ground has cut – all the better.

    I’m a new poster. So hello to all.

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    What a blow that Diamond Harry is out.Looking forward to seeing The Chief again, though.

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    That will have brought Time For Rupert on a ton. Well done with Wierd Al Doodlegug top notch trainer Donald McCain

    Venture to CognacVenture to Cognac
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    Really pleased with Time For Rupert today, agree that he must come on for that.

    Well done also Doodlebug.

    Imperial CallImperial Call
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    The betting suggested he was straight enough for today.

    If they met again next time out I’d be surprised if that form wasn’t confirmed.

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    The betting suggested he was straight enough for today.

    If they met again next time out I’d be surprised if that form wasn’t confirmed.

    Not according to his trainer, IC; nor (IIRC) Fat Al, who described him as big and burly in the paddock.
    Next time out could well be the Hennessy, and I’d fully expect the form to be reversed,


    particularly with the penalty.

    Now, where’s that daft bloke who was offering silly prices for that race and the Guineas? :lol:


    Edit….or maybe not, considering today wasn’t a handicap. :(

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    Being the fair and distinguished gentleman I am

    or ought to be

    I will not relieve you of your hard earned coin.

    Paul had this to say after the race : "Today was either going to find a chink in his health or his fitness and I’m glad it’s the latter. We’ll go to Haydock next for the Betfair."

    Now that us talking shyte is out the way :lol: the big question is "Is he good enough to take on Kauto Star and Long Run?

    Despite what the betting suggested Weird Al looked much fitter to me and Time For Rupert was gone by the second last. To my eyes he blew up goingto the fence through lack of fitness. Up until that point despite Weird Al going exceptionally well he was still trading odds on and the winner around 5. The sudden change in the complexion of the race and the betting would seem to back that up.

    Looking back to Carlisle last season NTD’s lads thought all Little Josh had to do was turn up to win and he ran him to a dead heat and really should have won outright that day.

    Tomorrow’s another day and PW did the right thing today making sure not only speed but stamina would come into play so he set off in front I would imagine to also to make sure Nacarat never got things his own way.

    He’s ran the entire race with the choke out. He just stuck his neck out and went straight into racing mode.

    Taking the energy he used up due to that I would assume held up with a decent gallop I would expect him to reverse the placings without too much trouble.

    That said the Jury is still out on Weird Al he ran too bad to be true in the Hennessy never seen a race course again until the Gold Cup and was pulled up before the race had started in earnest. Obviously something was amiss so there no real way of telling how good he actually is.

    grey dolphingrey dolphin
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    Watched them in the paddock and Weird Al looked a picture, as did Chief Dan George. As others said Time for Rupert did not quite look as fit or indeed as well in his coat – although he is another of those liver chesnuts that are hard to weigh up.

    Well done Donald McCain; great to see the winner back to his best.

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