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    Forgetting their personal lives who is the most outstanding NH or Flat jockey in the UK today?

    Much ado about nothing? or is K.Fallon so far ahead of other jockeys he reigns supreme on the flat. How much is down to him how much is down to the horses he rides? How would you compare him to Ryan Moore or to AP MCCoy as an all round jockey.

    When I compare him to AP MCoy the reigning NH champion, as a rider tactician and the someone capable of pulling off the impossible time and time again I have him streets ahead of Fallon. Where Ruby is concerned he may be a better rider technically but overall again I have AP well ahead.

    So is Fallon as good or better a flat jockey than McCoy is a jump jockey?
    Do you prefer Ruby or Moore, Hills or Hughes.

    Can’t seem to edit the poll guys sorry but plenty room for discussion

    If ther’s a better allrounder who and why?

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    Reads/sounds like a cricket question to me! :?

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    Interesting topic. I have to say that I would rate Murtagh up there with the aforementioned flat jocks. If I had to pick one flat jockey to ride my horse it would be him or Detorri.

    McCoy is the King over the jumps. His achievements may never be surpassed. Paul Carberry is another extremely talented jockey.

    Who is the best? McCoy for me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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