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    from the SCMP:


    …..traces of the banned anabolic [17-alpha-hydroxyprogesterone hexanoate ]  still in his system and no all-clear yet in sight…

    ….an international assault for Takeover Target hinged on results of yet another blood test taken last Friday, with those results expected back in another week.

    However, Janiak fears he will again test positive to the steroid he personally gave the horse in early October to "help him cope with the trip from Japan to Hong Kong".

    "We are in limbo," Janiak said. "We can’t race him until we know it’s out of his system. I believe there was a good horse a couple of years ago .. . the same substance was in his system for six months." <br><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< … 70202a.asp

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    <br>Clearly disgraced sprinter Ben Johnson missed a trick – if he’d told the Olympic medical commission he’d only taken anabolic steroids to help him cope with the journey from Canada to Tokyo, he’d have got away with it!

    I wonder if Janiak gives his horses a sedative to help them grow muscle and stand up to training?


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    as long as he didn’t do the same thing when a cabbie:

    " ‘ere you go mate, this’ll help you cope with the trip"  ;)

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    Wonder if his Grandfather drove a Hansom? Steroids would have been useful then!

    Gareth Flynn
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    Was he drug-tested at Ascot?

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    after he won the King’s Stand and in Japan.

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    Sometime between winning the Sprinters’ Stakes (Gr 1) in Japan on October 1 and fronting up for the Hong Kong International Sprint on December 10, Janiak took it upon himself to inject Takeover Target with a prohibited substance….

    In Hong Kong, the horse was repeatedly tested, and repeatedly tested positive to the substance 17-alpha-hydroxyprogesterone hexanoate, a drug Janiak happily admits he will use again.

    There are confusing reports about exactly why a drug designed to prevent premature labor in pregnant mares was given to a seven-year-old gelding but anecdotal reports suggest it has the effect of an anabolic steroid, commonly given to horses when they are tipped out for a spell to help muscle recovery and development.

    <br>…..It has been reported that the problem arose because Janiak inadvertently hit ligament tissue instead of muscle tissue when he needled his horse.      There, the offending substance has lodged indefinitely.

    ….Let’s not forget Takeover Target was initially conditioned by the immensely talented trainer John Morish, who prepared topliners including March Hare, Rouslan and Stella Cadente before his accidental death in a shooting accident in the remote Northern Territory in 2004.

    Morish knew Takeover Target could gallop, but he had terribly problematic feet….


    best regards


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