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    We’ve booked a long weekend in Stockholm in July and a quick check revealed that Taby racecourse hold a meeting on July 13th. Can anybody tell me a little about the racecourse at Taby? Their website tells me a little bit in English, but I wondered if anyone on the forum has first hand experience of the course.


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    My uncle lives pretty much next to the course and I’ve been there a few times. It’s a nice small course, built very much on the ‘cold weather’ model in that most of the viewing is indoors. The best way to watch racing there is to get a table in the glass walled restaurant with viewing of the track (it’s quite a tight oval, so viewing is good anyway). There’s not usually much atmosphere, but it’s quite a friendly place. Unfortunately I can’t give you an idea of prices as I’ve never had to pay.

    Taby is a little way out of central Stockholm, but is very easy (and cheap) to get to on the train – there is a station just outside the course.

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    has there ever been a question on racing that could not be answered here ?


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    Yep a horse some girl asked about………with the word "past" in it……trained by Bob Turnell and owned by Jim Joel.

    Never did get to the bottom of that one which was exremeely annoying

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    Never been to Taby, but a mate of mine went 2 years ago, and the day he went, it was 4 horse races and 4 trotting races. All I do know about Taby is that the major races are held in August and September – the Group 3 Stockholm Cup is usually second week of September.

    Darren – AngloGerman

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