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    What price Matthew Stevens to win???!!!

    Brave, mad or dumb?

    Grey Desire
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    Looked as if he was carrying a bit of condition.<br>Fair play though he didn’t give up and made sure he finished the cycle race.

    A word for Dickie Johnson last week who was very unlucky not to make the final after a comfortable win in the cycling,the gym tests letting him down.

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    How on earth are the athletes allowed to run the 800m?  It’s ridiculous.

    World class 400m runners being allowed to run a bit extra, romping home on the bridle. It makes a joke of the whole competition. (well OK, I know it’s a joke anyway, but  this is seriously annoying me). With this advantage I think half the finalists are going to be athletes.

    Applying their rules I see no reason why Jason Queally, Chris Hoy etc shouldn’t be allowed to do the cycling. After all it is on a mountain bike, must be completely different!<br>

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    Agree with that. It was much better when they were racing bikes round cinders running tracks.

    Anything with Johnny Vaughan as the presenter can’t be taken seriously.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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