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    new research shows that eating Chocolate Cake can help you lose weight! Yes – LOSE weight. I kid you not. If you don’t believe me, read the following:-

    Okay, if you can’t be mithered to go to the link, I’ll give you the inevitable “but” bit. Eat the cake in the morning as part of a satisfying breakfast. But still, it’s still “good” news isn’t it?

    (Another piece of good news is that I’ve posted something in the lounge that isn’t political.)

    dave jay
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    .. great stuff !!

    Don’t touch chocolate myself but may give it a bash.

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    Its good news week
    someone’s brought
    the ‘een to life
    contaminating atmosphere
    and smelling out the sky

    Have you heard the news
    who says he’s dead
    who lost his face
    what’s his temper like today

    Razeen caused no world war
    he just waved his weaponry
    and spat out occasionally
    broke the ice and watched it thaw

    Nathan HughesNathan Hughes
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    I don’t eat chocolate, not allowed to poison my body with too much phosphate. Which is good news as a few extra pounds around the hips wouldnt go a miss.

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    I LOVE choc cake and this has made me Google pictures of the thing. I wish I could buy a chocolate sponge cake with fresh cream in the middle and nowt else, but they always add some weird jam/filling in the middle in the shops I go to.


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