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    I just wanted to record this because, although I don’t know their names, I needed to do something to record their lives to show that some-one was bothered and really cares.

    Pike Bridge was the only name I know but she was a few years ago (2015/16?) and sadly became infamous because of the sheer horror of her long drawn out, unbelievably painful, almost inconceivably horrific death. This poor mare had an ending of unimaginable agony that lasted for months. However, I only found out about her this week and I don’t think her death is listed on this forum. Although I’m not certain. It is now anyway. Don’t make the mistake of googling her like I did. There’s photos I wish I’d never seen.

    Now Mr Mahon has been suspended again for a pitiful 4 years. One of the horses in his ‘care’ had what is described as a ‘catastrophic injury’ to his leg and had to be euthanised, one was ’emaciated’, one had hooves grown so long he couldn’t walk and was in constant pain. Eleven were removed and I don’t know who they were, what’s happened to them or how many were euthanised. Or if there’s any still there, God forbid.

    The HRI said how hard they are working to ensure horse welfare is paramount, but the HRI weekly listings of particular trainers’ deceased horses and their responses when I queried this, makes it very difficult for me to believe this is anything other than ‘saying the right thing’.

    I’ve struggled badly with this – unfortunately I have a very active imagination and once it’s in my head it just goes round and round in there and I’m having a hard time with it.

    Smokey Joe Joe is one of my better half’s favourite horses and he was unlucky enough to be ‘trained’ by this person. He’s 15 now and I’ve no idea if he’s ok or if he’s one of the abused horses. It makes my blood run cold. The fact that we bet on him, not knowing the kind of stables he was living in, makes me ashamed to my bones.

    Sorry if this is inappropriate or even just too long. I couldn’t bear that they weren’t listed somewhere where people who care would maybe give them a thought.

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    It’s a shocking case. I saw an article on the Racing Post website a few days ago with a headline saying that the fact he is still working with horses shows that welfare isn’t as high up the agenda as the authorities ant us to believe. Couldn’t read it as it was behind the paywall but doubtless refers to the fact that Mahon has not been disqualified so can continue to work within racing in some other capacity other training. It’s been taken down now presumably because he’s appealing. Who are these people happy to send horses to someone with his record?

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    Exactly Tonge, but people including some very big owners, send their horses to some of the Irish trainers we’ve talked about previously, where horses as young as two appear regularly on the deceased list.

    There’s something fundamentally wrong with a sport which relies on the horses, yet can treat horses in the manner it does (and I’m aware there’s some fantastic owners and trainers who truly love their horses) but does little if anything about such horrific cruelty and continues to trot out the same old rubbish about ‘welfare being the most important part of our sport’ and the horses are ‘treated like royalty’.

    Sickening, hypocritical, in the extreme. I’ve continued to watch because to me, the horses are so beautiful and I love to see them, but I’m getting to the point where I just can’t cope with it anymore. I cry at stories like Roy Rocket or Oliver’s Betty who were/are so clearly very much loved, then I see something like the Mahon story and just despair. There must have been stable staff there, jockeys, visitors to the stable for various reasons. Why on earth didn’t some-one report it sooner? What’s wrong with people?

    It’s about money, no more or less than that and too many people involved couldn’t give jack about the horses. And I’ve seen that at first hand. Not necessarily outright cruelty at that level, but certainly treating them without any kind of care or kindness, or thought for their basic mental and physical needs, a commodity nothing more. Many are sent to slaughter without any attempt whatsoever at trying to find a home for them.

    Apologies- as I’ve said, I’m struggling with this.

    The Tatling Cheekily
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    There is already a thread on this scumbag somewhere on here, but as far as I am concerned (although it is tough to read about) the more the merrier, to highlight this travesty.

    Should be facing criminal charges in my opinion.

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    The existing thread is

    I agree Bonanzaboy, the Mahon case is deeply concerning. The penalties he has been given are pathetic, and give little reassurance that horse welfare is being taken seriously.

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    What a black hearted low life you have to be to know that animals in your care are suffering and do absolutely nothing about it.

    Anyone found guilty of neglect should be allowed nowhere near the sport again, no second chances, no excuses.

    The man is a maggot.

    The Tatling Cheekily
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    Harsh on maggots. Served me well in my coarse fishing exploits. I’m certain they offer more than this cretin.

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    It begs the question what do you actually have to do to be banned for life

    Cork All Star
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    Seriously mistreat and in effect kill a horse. Penalty: 4 years. (Mahon)

    Pass on information for reward. Penalty: 12 years (Greg Fairley).

    As our American cousins say, Go Figure.

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    Well said Cork.

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