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    Jockeys at Happy Valley last night rode in the opening race unaware of the details of the bizarre sabotage plot at the racecourse foiled by Jockey Club staff yesterday.<br> <br>Routine checks of the starting points for the night’s race meeting found the elaborate device buried beneath the starting point for the three 1,200m races on the card, a device apparently capable of doing harm to any or all of the 12 horses and riders in a race had it been used.

    The danger had passed with the removal of the device before racing, and last night’s riders were told few details before heading out to ride from the 1,200m start in the opening race.

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< … 070322.asp

    Gareth Flynn
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    Some kind of dart shooters, apparantly, which would shoot up into the horses as they waited in the stalls. Unbelievable.

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    Quote: from Gareth Flynn on 6:33 pm on Mar. 22, 2007[br]Some kind of dart shooters, apparantly

    Will the lizards stop at nothing? They only tried to muscle in on the HK action a few years back and they’re already embedding Tom Segal and Steve Loses Hamilton into the Hong Kong turf to do their dirty work for them.

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    The remote-controlled shooter included 12 metal tubes, each a foot long, filled with darts buried in the grass under the spot where the starting gates would be situated for 1,200-metre races on Wednesday night.

    The tubes, spaced so each would aim up at a horse, were wired together and linked to a wireless receiver, according to a local newspaper and a police source who declined to be identified.

    "The obvious intent was that it was going to fire these little darts which have got some kind of chemical in it … up from the ground up to where the horse’s starting gate is," the senior police source told the Reuters news agency.

    "I doubt it was meant to do anything more than just slightly tranquilize the horse. That’s my speculation."

    The darts had been sent to a laboratory to try to identify the chemical used.<br><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    dave jay
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    Amazing .. it will be interesting to hear what chemical they were going to use.

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    2 of the 12 tubes reportedly without darts, so presumably someone was aiming for the quinella (and figured a plain rush of compressed air between the legs of the chosen pair would be no hindrance).

    the other 10 tubes sound like they were set up to mimic the impact of regular CO 2 dart delivery systems like Daninject or Teleinject.

    apparently, using something like thiofentanyl oxalate or detomidine at a dose of 50-60 micrograms per kg weight would achieve full recumbency in anything from  80 – 310 seconds.

    recumbent horses would be a bit of a giveaway, but at lesser doses they would be inducing lethargy towards the end of a 1200m sprint.

    would be interesting to know if the cctv showed the malefactors had the antidote angle covered.

    maybe a crack group of ninja grandchildren playing with pipes around the pull-up area, accidentally-on-purpose hitting the passing also-rans with a second set of darts, tipped with (it says here) naltrexone or tolazoline ?

    best regards


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    <br>So basically, we have two horses finishing well clear of the field, the other ten all collapse after the race in a manner familiar to watchers of wild life programs on TV, and one punter has 10,000 winning tickets on the quinella.

    Nothing suspicious there then ……


    non vintagenon vintage
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    Lethargy towards the end of races, you say? I reckon the same kind of thing may have been used over here on some Hunter Chase jockeys…

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    Quote: from non vintage on 2:49 pm on Mar. 24, 2007[br]Lethargy towards the end of races, you say? I reckon the same kind of thing may have been used over here on some Hunter Chase jockeys…

    Very good, NV, very good!


    The patron saint of lower-grade fare. A gently critical friend of point-to-pointing. Kindness is a political act.

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    HK police publish pics of "the suspicious device" as HKJC offer HKD 1m reward (GBP 65k). … 007-3p.htm

    <br>Police looking for four men aged 25 to 40 seen at the start Monday and again very early Wednesday raceday, but not enough info to sketch them, hence reward.

    No word on the liquid as yet.

    Malc Smith
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    I have a vision of the stalls not being placed across the track correctly and then half a dozen stall handlers keeling over…

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    Murray Bell in the SCMP: … 70328a.asp<br> <br>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Firstly, the starting stalls are in a different position at each race meeting, depending on the placement of the moveable rail.    

    When the rail is out from its true position, the radius of the turns increase correspondingly and so too does the length of those turns.        

    Thus, the starting stalls have to be moved forward to precisely surveyed positions in order to ensure the true distance of the race is run, not an approximate one.

    Then there is the actual placement of the stalls to be considered. The saboteurs have known every valid measurement, all the way out to stall number 12.

    Then there is their turf expertise. After digging this all up, it was put back together so well racing operations manager John Ridley was moved to observe, if track staff had been "doing their job 90 per cent" they would have missed it.

    Someone with the intelligence and powers of meticulous planning to create this sabotage concept in the first place clearly isn’t dumb…..

    What we can say, with a high degree of certainty, is all the big-level players in racing are here because of the excellent integrity of the racing product – all they want is a clean game and to methodically extract their percentage profit on turnover.

    The expertise shown in the placement of the missiles has led investigators down the "inside job" track, and you can bet any disgruntled past employees will be checked out thoroughly……


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