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    Nice to see so many people checking out the site! Hope those bookies keep getting bashed…

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    How are you working your profit/loss out? :unsure:
    Which horses are you betting each way and when is it win only and when place only?
    Are you working out the place to 1/4 odds or what?
    When working out each way is it 1 point each way or 0.5 points, or are some place only?
    When a horse is placed are you taking the win part of your each way bet off of your profits?

    eg Please explain how day 2 was worked out:

    “Race 1 – Dutch Connection (Won 16/1), Devonshire (Lost) +15
    Race 2 – Bruised Orange (Lost), Easton Angel (Place 6/1), Dezilia (Lost), Cobana Sand (Void) +1.2
    Race 3 – Euro Charline (Void), Cladocera (Lost) -1
    Race 4 – The Grey Gatsby (Placed 6/1), Free Eagle (Won 3/1) +4.2
    Race 5 – Baraweez (Lost), Ayaar (Lost), Don’t Be (Lost) -3
    Race 6 – Mothers Finest (Lost), Osaila (Won 12/1) +11”

    Well done for tipping Dutch Connection for the “W” (win), but was Devonshire each way? If so, should it not be -2 for him? 16 – 2 = +14

    Cobana Sand void, But there are three other selections of which you claim a place @ 6/1 Easton Angel. Was she 1 point each way? If so do you also lose 2 points for Dezilia? How does that race add up to +1.2?

    Is Bruised Orange win only? You’ve claimed The Grey Gatsby as a place, yet he was your “W win”. Was Free Eagle a win or each way? If the second and third columns were 0.5 points each way then how come you’ve claimed Osaila as +11? She seems to be win only, so too Free Eagle, yet Easton Angel and The Grey Gatsby seem to be place.

    If the second and third columns were 1 point each way then it should be -5 for race 5, not -3.

    You obviously deserve credit for the winners James, however… Might be completely wrong here, but it seems you are deciding after the horses have passed the post whether a bet is each way, place or win only? :unsure: Unless I’ve missed something your claimed profit/loss doesn’t seem to add up. And it is no different to any other day.

    value is everything
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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