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    Well, why is Gok Kwan raised to celebrity status on the racecourse? He is nothing more than an ignorant irritant who does nothing for racing broadcasting. But on the other hand, he is big headed enough to think he is worth all the coverage, and why not, the way the other presenters have fawned over him. No need for any of it in my opinion.

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    When it was announced that he’d be one of the presenters I almost cried myself to sleep, however as the week’s gone on I actually find him pretty amusing. He seems nice enough! Granted I recorded all of Ascot and skipped through the fashion skits but from what i saw of him he certainly wasn’t as bad as I’d been expecting.

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    I don’t take much interest in the fashion and I’m no fan of Gok Wan but still, he was a lot more bearable than that pretentious pillock James Sherwood who used to be on.

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    I can fully understand many people not tuning into Chanel4 for various reasons ..however if the current panel were swaped for..Warwick Davis..David Blunkett..Steven Hawkins..Oscar Pistorious..Jackie Stallone and Joey Essex…the viewing figures would plumet even more…Better the devil you know!

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    Personally watched on Racing UK, who were excellent this week.


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    They should be for £20 a month!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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