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    Here is the link from the RP site:

    Kayley is a pretty good actress, isn’t she? Tells us all that crap about what she’s doing in Richard’s memory, but simply ignores WHY he died. Didn’t mention it at all.
    Not that this would be our business, but she’s pretty talented at playing the grieving widow.

    I still wish her and her daughter all the best…..

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    FFS Ex Ruby,
    Marriages can break up for all sorts of reasons; doesn’t necessarily mean the person stops loving that person or caring. Why the …. should she mention it? Am sure she (wrongly) feels guilty as am sure everyone feels guilt when someone close to them takes their life.

    Calling her a “pretty good actress” doesn’t sound like wishing her “all the best” to me.

    But you’re right, this is NONE of our business! :wacko:

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    Just take this thread down someone. Dismal stuff for TRF.


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    Ginge, I really wish her the best, because the mother role is her most important one. But I was just too upset about her frequent media presence without looking too much in grief.

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    Kayley did indeed mention on it – dwelling on it at some length – in her interview with the Post shortly after the tragedy.

    And, yes, please take the thread down would be my vote


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    I know there is another thread on this topic, which should be taken down, but shame on the BBC for this shabby, lurid headline, demeaning to both Richard Woolacott and his family. Suicide is a multifactorial tragedy, and blaming it on an affair is and egregious interpretation

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    Take it down, admin. If it’s a majorities wish, go ahead, no problem.

    But, please be so kind and explain why other people are allowed to talk about it.

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    Yes this is not a suitable thread for a racing forum, should be taken down, and shameful to have started the thread in the first place.

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    Move it to the lounge. Plenty of non-racing talk there.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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