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    Assuming it actually goes ahead behind closed doors the revised Royal Ascot will feature seven races on the first four days and eight on the Saturday.

    The extra races include “silver” Royal Hunt Cup and Wokingham for those missing the cut in the main races

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    Should of cancelled the 2 YO races and just had 4 days IMO.

    Ex RubyLightEx RubyLight
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    Most 2 year olds will have no clue about their job without any prep runs.
    But, you have to try and save the bookie industry as well. The more impossible races the better for them.

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    Cannot wait.

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    Why don’t two year olds deserve their chance to run at Royal Ascot, Ruby?

    If there is one type of horse bookies don’t like it’s unexposed two year olds. Reason why they need to bet to a much greater over-round (bigger margin for error) in two year old maidens. ie These races will be just as difficult for them and inside info reigns. Royal Ascot two year old races will be similarly difficult this year.

    However, bookies have to bet in every race; punters don’t.
    So it’s surely not a problem for us? :unsure:

    value is everything
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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