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    I have decided to give an old system i used a year or so back however this time im a year older, wiser, and uglier.

    The reason this post is not in the "Systems" section is because im not going to reveal it just yet, i would like to give it a go and understand the reasoning behind decisions i will be making in greater detail as last time i used this system i vividly rememeber making over £1500 in a week from £25, then losing the lot in 2 hours! (By getting carried away)

    The system is based around the Betfair exchanges, and the old "Back and lay" system (how many times can i say system?)

    I will start with an initial fund of £25, and slowly build up my account, once i hit £500 my bets will increase by 50% upto £1500 where they will treble from my initial stake, to get the snowball effect and hopefully finish off with a nice round £10,000 (odd)

    Over the next few weeks/months (depending on the time im able to spend on the system) i will be updating you all with photos etc along with the bets i made (the significant ones atleast)

    Wish me luck, i will most likely need it!

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    Not really sure where you are


    but good luck anyway :lol:

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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