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    Does any national radio station broadcast racing results updated through the afternoon. I seem to remember that the BBC Light Programme (Radio 2) used to update the results at 45 minutes past the hour but I cannot find any similar service these days.
    Thank you.

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    Craig Braddick
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    You have a good memory as the BBC Light Programme has not broadcast since 1967!

    DOes anyone in the UK still refer to Radio 2 as The Light Programme?


    phil walker
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    Radio 5 used to broadcast racing results in the afternoon but that was dropped last year at the same time as the stopping carrying results on their teletext service. All part of the BBC’s disilusion with racing in general

    Neil Watson
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    Yep and just to prove that, on the news yesterday before Match of the Day the lady doing the sport said that the Leger was won by the Godolphin trained Mastery, no pics from C4 or ATR just plain nothing.

    Still cannot believe that the BBC want to treat racing like this.

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    There is a free paper called Metro which is distributed on public transport. I have noticed that they no longer cover any racing at all in the sports section.
    They are quick to report any negative aspect though, like a horse or jockey injury or malpractice.

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    I noticed that about the leger too Neil. The BBC is very influenced by what it sees as "politically correct". Racing and cricket were/are "out" and yet New Labours favourite sport (bizarrely), Formula One …is "in"

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    I can see where you are all going with this ( first the radio and now TV) but can we say we are genuinely surprised that racing results aren’t on the radio anymore. I remember them being on Radio 2 every night at approximately 6.45pm in the 70s and on a big meeting you would even get a report about the big race too from Peter Bromley with a replay of the commentary.

    I don’t see it as the thin end of the wedge that this sort of coverage is no longer to be found and I can understand it given the other means now available for finding out results and more importantly as the proportion of listeners who would be probably interested in the average days racing results would be miniscule even when radio did broadcast them and would probably be even less these days.

    The BBC’s withdrawal from televised racing is an altogether more worrying trend from which absolutely no good can come.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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