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    I bought this system well over a year ago, but my PC was crap and kept crashing every time I went to try it out. Since then my MarketFeeder Pro subscription expired, and I never got round to giving it a proper go.

    I’m thinking of trying it on the Auto-BF test mode and letting it run for a month or so, but wondered if anyone on here uses it and if so, how you find it?

    For those who haven’t got a clue what I’m going on about, it was a system that lets you trade on Betfair automatically. There are a few elements to it.

    1. You use Betfair to trade
    2. You use a program called MarketFeeder Pro to bet on your behalf
    3. You use another program called Auto-BF to setup MarketFeeder Pro to run a specific way. It kind of automates MarketFeeder Pro
    4. You use the Dailynaps website to get the naps
    5. You then use profit-maker to setup the program in a specific way to trade

    Sounds very complicated I know! :D

    If anyone has tried it, please share your experience with it.

    To be honest, I’ve looked on the profit-maker website and it doesn’t seem to exist anymore (never a good sign!) so not sure if I’ll bother or not.

    If anyone hasn’t tried it but is interested, PM me and I’ll send the PDF to you


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    Hi TJ,

    The only experience I have had of MarketFeeder Pro was just after they started out, many moons ago; I had a trial of their software.

    As a vendor, I thought they were very good. They were extremely helpful and requests for additional rules were done quickly. Unfortunately in the end it didn’t quite work as I wanted it to – although that was possibly due to the odd system I was trying to put into place, and more a problem with price movement on BetFair than the software.

    As for Auto-BF, or profit-maker, sorry, I haven’t a clue. :(

    If you decide to give it a go: Good Luck, and keep us posted! :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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