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    Can anyone fill me in on the rumours surrounding PCH?

    I see he has denied them on his website – were there rumours of him training for Godolphin, and if so in what capacity?

    Any substance do you think?

    The Market Man
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    I hope not and nothing was mentioned on Channel 4 and they interviewed him twice.

    Decent trainer Chapple-Hyam and he supports West Brom like me. :biggrin:

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    Probably just speculation, but lets face it, godolphins recent moves to integrate their 2yos with the rest of the stable at bin suroors yard have not been a great success, by and large, and with shiekh mohammed now starting to get into serious spending mode at the yearling sales, perhaps they wish to replace david loder with someone else who is clearly good with 2yos (noseda is also pretty good with them). Dont think they’ll ask o’

    It is probably just speculation thouigh.

    Maxilon 5
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    For anyone who remembers PCH’s departure from Manton by "mutual consent", (LOL), the idea that the trainer would ever work for a massive owner again is a difficult one to believe.

    I have no doubt he was sounded out though. His record with 2-y-os speaks for itself and he doesn’t bottom them, which was the accusation levelled at David Loder, another famed juvenile maestro and prior 2-y-o specialist for Godolphin.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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